Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tea and Crumpets, Anyone?

Last weekend, my mom, known as "Nana" to Nora, came up for a whirlwind visit. We were so glad she came to spend some time with us, even though it was such a short trip. She brought Nora a few gifts, but our favorite was definitely the hat seen in the pictures below. Normally, Nora is not a fan of hats, but she cooperated with us for a while with this one. She'll definitely be styling in the winter months with this one!

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Amy said...

undoubtably the cutest baby in the world! She fits right into the world of buffy and charles in this hat!

Rojair said...

Blimey, she reminds me of me as a child. So innocent and yet so wonderful. Would it be cheeky to ask you to pass the crumpets, eh?
Laffly child, just laffly.

Anonymous said...

Wondering why all pics show Jonathan laying on the couch, reclining in his lazyboy, or sleeping in the chaise lounge on the patio.

Anonymous said...

Oh My Me Lady..You are so adorable.Reminds me of your Aunt Cheryl.The beauty of her just shines on!
Keep the pics comeing and we will check in from time to time.