Friday, December 21, 2007

Our Little Chatty Kathy!

We have had such a blast listening to Nora's "vocabulary" expand over the past few weeks. She has really begun to show her personality, and it seems that she is following in the footsteps of her parents because she LOVES to talk! I am convinced she is telling us stuff. I just wish we could understand her jabber! I've attached a small clip of Nora telling the family secrets to her Granna (Jonathan's mom) during their last visit.

Another thing is that Nora is daily finding new and exciting things to do with her mouth and tongue. Her most recent accomplishment is her spitting....not just the cute, adorable "Razzing" that most babies tend to do, but spitting! One must especially watch out when she's mad, because she goes crazy! I'll try to capture it on video at some point because it is hilarious!

We leave in the morning for Jackson, MS, to spend Christmas with Jonathan's family. We'll also head down to NOLA for a few days to have Christmas with my folks. We are so excited to spend more time with them and to let them get as much Nora time as possible.

We wish you joy this Christmas season! Love, The Bradshaws

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