Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Looking Back at 2007

The year 2007 has been one of many changes for our little family. As this new year is beginning, I have been thinking back to all that the Lord has brought us into this past year.

-Jonathan got accepted into the Knoxville GPR residency program at UTMC.
-A healthy and wonderful pregnancy for our little Nora Kathryn.
-Jonathan took and passed his CERTA boards, officially making him a licensed dentist!
-We bought our home in Knoxville in a quick series of events (3 days from when the house went on the market until we were the new owners). It was totally the Lord's provision and timing!
-Jonathan graduated from LSU School of Dentistry.
-We moved to Knoxville.
-We celebrated 3 years of marriage!
-We sold our home on Avenue A in New Orleans to the Louisiana Road Home program. No more craziness to deal with regarding Hurricane Katrina! YEAH!
-Jonathan started his residency at UT and is absolutely loving it. He tells me all the time how much he is enjoying what he does. How blessed we are that he gets paid for doing what he is called to do and what he LOVES to do!
-We had a safe, healthy, and fun delivery of our baby girl, Nora Kathryn Bradshaw.
-We have become members at Cornerstone Church of Knoxville and have been blessed with wonderful friends! Although we have only been here for about 8 months, Jonathan and I both feel like we've been living here for years! We definitely miss being closer to our families, but God has been so kind and generous in giving us friends that are so much like "family."
-We have had the priviledge of caring for our daughter and have been stretched in new ways as we care for her. I think Jonathan and I both fall more and more in love with her everyday. God has definitely challenged me through Nora and shows me daily how much I need him. He makes EVERYTHING glorious!

"Praise God from whom all blessings flow!" We look forward to all that the Lord will do in our lives and through us in 2008.

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Suzanne said...

You forgot to add that you met me, and it changed your life forever. ;)