Wednesday, March 5, 2008

OK...I'm addicted!

While reading a friend's blog earlier today, I came across a link to The Pioneer Woman Cooks! blog. These look like amazing recipes and her step-by-step/picture instructions are so helpful! Check it out, but I'm warning you....I got addicted.

P.S. Suzanne, are you proud of how my linking abilities are improving?


Suzanne said...

Very proud!!

Anonymous said...

hey case! i've got another blog that you and Jo need to watch - its by Chris Smith about his new running experiences...with Lee as his coach! its already hilarious. i love you! -Suzanne Walker (your other Suzanne friend)
ps. LOVE the pioneer woman site!

Anonymous said...

I love you for putting this on your blog... you are my new best friend. Johanna

Tina said...

You were right. I am addicted! Thanks!