Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Quick Question for any and all moms who may read this blog:

What type of sunscreen would you recommend for little ones? Now that the weather is warming up some, we've been trying to make it outside when we can. Nora's skin is so pale...ahem, porcelain....that I don't want her to burn!

Any suggestions?

Also, for those who've asked, our new camera is a Canon EOS 40D. We are really enjoying it and love the wonderful pictures we're able to snap of our little girlie.
Enjoy this beautiful day!


Jon, Mel, and London said...

When we go outside I try to make sure London has a floppy hat on. London is just like Nora as far as skin and hair (or the lack thereof) go, and my doc said that she can burn in less than 8 min. and especially on her head and ears. Doc also said that water babies is her favorite for sunblock. But I'm still going to do some research on that. This is a good resource:

amy maples said...

I use Arbonne sunblock for babies. It is expensive, but Sadie has very sensitive skin and so we can't always use the normal stuff.

Anonymous said...

we, too use Water Babies by Coppertone. They have a spray that's good for the body and a stick that we use for the girls' noses and ears. love ya, chrissy

Casey B said...

Thanks for the suggestions, girls!
I really appreciate the advice!