Friday, July 4, 2008

Summer Reading

When Jonathan and I went away for our anniversary to Abingdon, VA, we were able to catch a play at the Barter Theatre. We thoroughly enjoyed the comedy Don't Cry for Me, Margaret Mitchell. For those of you who don't know, Margaret Mitchell is the author of Gone With the Wind. (Don't worry, up until the night of the play, I didn't have a clue as to who Margaret Mitchell was either). The play is based on the true story of how the screenplay for the film Gone With the Wind was written in one week by a writer who had never even read the book. It was hilarious and we laughed so hard! If you ever get the chance, see it!

Anyway, after seeing the show, I got the fever to read the novel that is such a legend and such a classic. I picked it up while down in New Orleans, and throughout the past few weeks, I have been reading my little heart away, unable to put the book down! Although I have seen the movie Gone With the Wind several times, it has been years and I've never read the book. There is just something about reading a good, classic novel, and it has been quite some time since I've been able to do that. Now that I have finished reading, I have rented the movie and cannot wait to watch it again with a renewed fervor and insight. I wonder if I can talk Jonathan into watching it with me!?

Any of you Gone With the Wind fans? Anyone else reading any novels or literature lately? I love to read but seldom have or take the time to read fiction. It was a treat!


Anonymous said...

I love gone with the wind! Did you have someone to watch it with you? I don't think Thomas would have with me... or his eyes wouldn't have been open anyway.johanna

Anonymous said...

Casey, I'm going away to the beach with my friends, Sonna Sarvis, LuAnn Kubic, Debbie Soyez, and Barbara Chauvin this summer. We do this every year now. Do you thik they would like the book Tracing the story line of the Bible? Of course we are so spitirual.Last summer we read the Shack and we still take about the things we learned and how it annointed by God. The thing we learned most was about how much God love us; really loves us. So what do you think.