Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Birthday Girl

Well, it's here! Nora is going to be one year old at 5:31 pm. I can't believe that my baby girl is now a one-year-old! Crazy! We are truly blessed by the Lord to have such a healthy, happy, and loving little girl. We will be celebrating over the next few days. Actually, I guess you could say that our festivities began last night as Amy (Jonathan's sister) came in town, and we enjoyed a yummy supper at Wasabi. Granddaddy Paul was certain that Nora would be highly entertained by the hibachi "production," and, all in all, she did really well. She got scared a few times by the cook and the fire and the fact that he was throwing food everywhere and at people! My parents will arrive in Knoxville sometime tomorrow, and we are having a small birthday party on Saturday evening. More pics and updates to follow!

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Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Nora!! We love you!