Wednesday, August 6, 2008


With Nora's 1st birthday just two weeks away, Jonathan and I have found ourselves reminiscing quite frequently about this past year. It is amazing how quickly time goes by. It is astounding how quickly children grow. Our girl has been with us for almost 12 months now. She has changed so much. Just last night we were talking about how LONG she's gotten. Unbelievable that she was once the length of my forearm. We are so in love with our Nora!

Jonathan's parents are coming in town today to spend the next few weeks visiting with us. It's been a while since they've seen Nora, and she's been a busy girl learning new tricks and skills, so I know Granna and Granddaddy will be highly entertained.

Just to mention a bit of what's new with Nora:
-She's scooting around everywhere! She follows me throughout the house and is my little shadow. She is constantly playing at my feet.
-She is just beginning to get the confidence to pull up on things to her knees. She's not getting on her feet yet.
-She is quite the talker. She has conversations with us and herself all the time. She can tell us what a Puppy Dog and a Sheep say. I'll have to try to catch those on video.
-We recently acquired the Baby Einstein Signs video, which Nora loves. She's mastered "all done," "more," and "eat/food." I have also seen her do the sign for Momma.
-She will sometimes say her version of the following: "all done," "baba" (which could be all sorts of things), "ball," "uh oh," "hello," and "layla." Of course, I am probably associating meaning with this more often than Nora is!
-Nora now has a total of 6 teeth: two on the bottom, 4 on the top.
-Nora loves to "clean out" her diaper bag, she loves to go grocery shopping with Momma, and she thoroughly enjoys playing with the Tupperware.
-Last, but not least, one of my favorite nuances of Nora is that she has become so affectionate over the past few weeks. She LOVES to give hugs and kisses. For a while, she would share the love with everyone but Jonathan, but lately she has been kissing him up a storm! It's the sweetest!

Enjoy the lastest pics!

Swimming with Daddy

"Cleaning Out" the diaper bag

Look how long her legs look in this picture!

Pulling up to her knees!

Getting a manicure.

Lots of teeth!

Nora's funny, she just holds her leg up for short periods of time.

Our swinging girl!

Loving her baby!

Feeling under the weather.

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