Friday, October 3, 2008

Desiring God Conference

This past weekend, Jonathan and I were able to sneak away to the Desiring God Conference in Minneapolis, MN. In case you aren't aware, Desiring God is the ministry founded by John Piper. The conference was amazing! Wonderful speakers, solid teaching, rare time away with my boy! We had a great time. Jonathan's folks were so generous to watch Nora for THREE days while we were gone. It is the longest that we have been away from her, and she did great. I don't think she missed us at all!

Jonathan, John Piper, & Me
Jonathan said it would make the trip if he could meet John Piper in person. Well, we did! He is the humblest man I've ever seen and has been such a spiritual mentor in our lives.

Here I am probably digging for a snack before a session began. In typical "Bradshaw" style, we "had" to be there early to get a good seat.

Jonathan enjoying a drink at The Local, a local Irish pub in dowtown Minneapolis. We loved the atmosphere and food there that we even ate their twice. When we first arrived, we had lunch outside on the patio. It was beautiful!

Bonnie and Dennis Williams. We sat next to this adorable couple at the first session, and after that they totally adopted us. We saved them seats, went to lunch together, filled them in on Sovereign Grace Ministries. Both Bonnie and Dennis were born and raised in Bethlehem Baptist Church and continue to go there where John Piper is pastor. They were the sweetest couple. Here we are at Jimmy John's.
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