Monday, November 24, 2008

Just Checking In

We are spending our last full day in New Orleans today! Jonathan, Nora & I head up to Jackson, MS, first thing in the morning to spend Thanksgiving with his folks. We have had a wonderful time so far with my family and I know we will all be sad to leave. Good thing we'll be right back for Christmas.

As usual, we have been going non-stop since we arrived. We've visited with several friends, I attended a close friend's wedding on Saturday, we drove up to Baton Rouge to visit my grandmother and have lunch with the family, and we have eaten like kings since we've arrived. There is nothing like New Orleans' food and my momma's home cooking.

When Jonathan arrived on Saturday night, he was welcomed by my dad's famous seafood gumbo and my mommma's fried shrimp and homemade french fries! Now that speaks to my boy's heart! He knows he is loved by my parents!

That's just a small snapshot of our New Orleans getaway. I pray everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I will hopefully be able to update once we arrive in Jackson.

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