Friday, December 19, 2008

So....Our Boy!

So, yeah, we're having a BOY! AAAAAAH!! AAAAAHHHHH!

Even though I have had this gut feeling all along that it's a boy, now that I know, it is the strangest thing to me! I am so excited to have a son, but one must understand that I feel a bit unschooled when it comes to boys as I am the oldest of three girls. I know it's just like everything else and that I'll learn as we go along, but it is a bit intimidating to me! Jonathan says he has to prepare me by taking me to Gander Mountain (a very male, very camo-ish, very un-girly hunting and outdoor store) once a week until our little man gets here. Jonathan has also been telling me how boys pee everywhere and like to have pee contests and will need to pee outside at some point! He's scaring me, truly ;)

Yesterday's ultrasound and doctor appointment went very well. Of course, I did NOT sleep at all the night before due to the excitement and the future soccer player in my womb that was having a field day from 3:30-5:30. I finally konked out around 5:25, just before Jonathan's alarm went off at 5:30. I dropped Nora off to a good friend's house to play for a few hours, and then I met Jonathan at the dr.'s office. Within one minute of seeing our precious baby on the screen, he showed us he was a boy! Already, he's totally different from his big sister, Nora. For her ultrasound, Nora was sound asleep, curled up in a ball like a contortionist, with her hands inconveniently in front of her face so that we couldn't get a good shot of her mouth and nose. This guy, however, is so chill! He was spread out all over the place. Legs spread wide, arms wide out, just relaxing and having a good ole time! He is such like his Daddy already (I hope).

Another difference between this baby boy and Nora as a baby in utero is that he is apparently much BIGGER! At 20 weeks, 1 day he weighs 13 oz. (from what they can tell anyway). The doctor said he is in the 67th percentile. Nora was in the 20th percentile range for most of my pregnancy. So, we've got us a big boy so far.

We haven't finalized a name yet, but once we do, I'll post it. I go back in 4 weeks for my glucose test and 24 week appointment.

Tonight is our care group Christmas party! Tomorrow morning, we are leaving for New Orleans for a week to visit my family and have Christmas with them! I am so excited! Please pray for our trip and that we have safety in traveling. Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

I CANNOT believe y'all are having a boy! Momma to a's crazy! Anyway, I hope y'all have a wonderful Christmas! Be careful in all of your travels!!! Love you-Ker

Claire said...

Yay!!! A boy...that's so much fun!

Knoxville Lindseys said...

Glad you could figure out how to make a boy. From the soroity parents, the Lindseys... Congratulations. We're excited for you guys!