Monday, January 5, 2009

Long Distance Friends

I have several girlfriends in New Orleans that I will always be friends with. No matter the distance. No matter the time that passes between phone calls and emails. No matter how busy life gets. These friends are wonderful because whenever we reconnect over the phone or in person, we pick up right where we left off. The history is so thick between us. The memories, the drama, the years of growing up together.

I was so blessed to be able to visit with a few of these girls during our visit to New Orleans. Chrissy, Stephanie, and Hope are three of my best girlfriends from home that I have known since I was seven or eight years old. We are all married now. Chrissy has two beautiful girls: Ava Coryn (2) and Sam Alexis (almost 1). Steph has one precious daughter named Lydia Grace who is only two weeks younger than Nora. It was so fun finding out that we were pregnant at the same time and that our girls would be born so close together. Lastly, Hope is still a newlywed and has just announced that she and her hubby are expecting this summer. (I must not fail to mention that Hope is married to Stephanie's baby brother). So much excitement and change in all of our lives!

Anyway, here are a few pictures of our get-together. I am terrible at remembering to take pictures of much else besides the kiddos. You may see a few adults in the background, but I must try harder at getting group shots of us big girls next time.

Nora and Lydia playing

Ava- You should see the eyes on this child. And the hair.
She is just beautiful.

My beloved ham!

Lydia, being serious.

For whatever reason, Nora wasn't in the best of moods this day. Probably because her Momma had been dragging her from here to Kingdom Come for the past few days. Watch the pitiful drama unfold as sweet Lydia tries to play with Nora in the balls.

Here I am taking pictures and Nora is whining for me to rescue her.

I ignore her. So in true girl fashion, she goes into "Drama Queen" mode. It runs in the family.

Dear Stephanie saves the day while I continue to snap away and laugh at my child. Where does she get it? Mystery.

Lunch- Burger King for the kiddos, Chinese for the Mommas

Aah, Sam Alexis. Another one with eyes to die for.

Lydia chowing down.

Friends forever.
I hope our children will always be in each other's lives to some extent. I pray that as the years go on, we are all able to keep in touch and let out girls get reacquainted whenever we're in town.

More to come: Pics of another lifelong, long-distance girlfriend: Brigette and her precious baby boy, Eli.

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Sweet post! The pics are great!