Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our Lazy, Rainy Saturday Morning

Anyone in Knoxville knows that yesterday was just a rainy, cold, dreary day. We all slept in a little later than usual (Thanks, Nora!), and then had a nice breakfast together of waffles and bananas and oatmeal. Here are a few pictures of us taken by Jonathan via his new iPhone. Jonathan got a new iPhone for Christmas and is just the smallest bit excited about it. It's pretty cool, I have to admit, and the pictures came out pretty well!

Daddy, that's MY milk!

My two favorite people, a little sleepy-eyed.

I post this only to be fair...we were all tired and in our pjs.

Our sweet girl

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the first pic! The look on Nora's face is priceless! Love you-Ker