Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow Days

Well, it's happened! Knoxville is officially in the midst of a winter weather advisory and almost everything is completely covered in snow. It is beautiful and is something this deep South, Louisiana girl has never experienced before. I think the amount of snow has really taken everyone by surprise. "Major" snow like this is kind of like "Major" hurricanes in Louisiana. You believe it will hit when you actually see it; from what I gather, most people from this area are skeptics about snow because we just don't get it that often. But not this week!

Yesterday is when the fun began. Nora and I got caught up in the big snowfall as we were out getting groceries. We made it home with no problems, and we got to enjoy watching it fall for about 5 hours or so. Jonathan got off work early which made me really excited, and we enjoyed a quiet and peaceful evening at home praying we woke up in the morning with electricity. Too bad he's back at work today, but thankfully the whole city hasn't shut down and the roads are pretty decent. We are expected to get some more snow tonight and the winter advisory isn't over until tomorrow afternoon.

Here are some pictures that Jonathan and I took throughout the day yesterday and a few that I shot this morning. Poor Nora has only been able to view the snow from the windows. Being that our girl is not yet a walker, I just don't feel too right about getting her out there in the snow to scoot around and get soaked! It's like 19 degrees out there with the windchill. Maybe we'll get some more next year and she can play in it then. (Shout out: Lord, please let her be walking by then! Amen.)

To all my Louisianans out there...I hope you're jealous!

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Claire said...

Wow...so beautiful!