Saturday, May 23, 2009

Seeing the Light of Day

Well, we are finally seeming to break out of the house around here. Jonathan, Nora, Liam and I headed to the mall for a (brief) outing today! We let Nora walk around and had our family favorite...Chick-fil-a! Nora even learned that the Chick-fil-a experience gets better than just chicken and fries. Cookies and cream milkshakes are delicious! Poor Liam stayed in his carseat the whole time, sound asleep.

Tonight, Jonathan's parents are graciously keeping BOTH kids for us so that we can go out to dinner for our anniversary. I am leaving a bottle for one of Liam's feedings, which we haven't done before, so pray that he does well for his grandparents!

Quick question for moms who have/do breastfeed their kiddaloos:

Liam seems to be one quick eater. I'm talking less than 10 minutes and he's done! I, however, try for like 45 minutes to get him to latch again to see if he is still hungry. I just want to be sure that he isn't simply sleepy and falling asleep before he's done. Every once in a while I will get him to latch back on, but as soon as my milk lets down, he pulls away. AHH! Anyway, I typically give up without much success in my attempt to get him to eat more. He seems content for the most part and goes 2.5-3 hours between feedings, but I am still wondering if he is getting enough and if my milk supply is getting stimulated enough to hold on. Any comments or advice? I'm probably worrying over nothing, but any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.


Ben and Kristen said...

At this stage, I would say to watch the dirty/wet diapers and weight gain and if that's all OK then he's getting enough. If he is going to eat that fast everytime then lucky you!!!

Claire said...

Obviously, I have not breastfed as I have no children (!); however, I was going to say the same thing that Kristen said. If he's gaining weight (as he apparently is!), then he's getting enough...AND if he's going 2.5-3 hours before wanting to eat again, I'd say he's getting enough. That's pretty typical for a breastfed baby. He must just be a fast eater! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ava was a quick one, too. She nursed for under 10 minutes at each feeding and only ate every 3 hours. She gained weight steadily and the dr assured me that she would eat as much as she needed and maybe my milk was just really rich. I had no prob with my milk supply and she nursed for over 10 months. just be thankful for the brief feedings. call me if you have any questions.