Sunday, June 28, 2009

What A Week!

Lots going on here in the Bradshaw house this week. I feel like the days are flying by and things are going on, especially with little Liam, that I haven't been able to document. Here's the latest:

Poor Nora has been sick for over a week now. Two Wednesdays ago, I noticed that Nora felt warm, so we took her temperature and it was 102! This took us by surprise because she wasn't acting sick at all. This high fever continued for a few days with no symptoms except a lack of appetite and being fussy. We just assumed it was a virus she had picked up somewhere and left it at that. By the weekend, we thought she was fine and even went to church. Well, Tuesday afternoon, she woke up with some diarrhea, and when I took her temperature, it was 101. She continued with a fever into the next morning, so I decided to go ahead and take her in to see the doctor in case the sickness from the previous week wasn't a virus but some sort of infection that was lingering. Wednesday morning we headed to the doctor, but she checked out fine. No ear trouble, throat was fine, so Dr. G said it was most likely a virus and to continue doing what we had been. Well, today is Sunday, and things have been about the same. She has hardly any appetite at all. Nora has been living off of crackers, cheerios, jello, banana, and this morning, Cocoa Puffs! She's thrown up a few times over the past several days, but I think that is mostly my fault. There have been several times when we thought she was feeling better, so when she asked for her milk, we'd give it to her. Big Mistake! Milk doesn't sit well in her stomach still, so she pukes up whatever she has managed to keep down. This happened twice at IHOP yesterday morning while we were eating breakfast with my dad who is in town visiting. She is still extremely fussy and moody, but I do notice that Tylenol and Advil really make a difference in how she acts, so I give her that as needed. Also, we are doing our best to keep her as hydrated as possible so she's had lots of apple juice, Capri Suns, popsicles, and water. It's so funny...she walks around holding our Camelback water bottle and sips out of it throughout the day. It's so sad! I miss my happy little girl. All she wants to do is be held and watch TV.

I am so ready for this virus to get out of her system so we can move on and enjoy all that's been going on. My mom and sister were in town visiting during the first week of sickness, and my dad is here this weekend while she's still sick. I hate that she's not herself because she's not able to enjoy them as much as she would if healthy.

In Liam's world, there have been lots of changes going on. First of all, I must say that my son is huge! I swear, he looks like a 3 or 4 month old to me, not an 8 week old. We go to the doctor this coming Friday for his two month visit, so we'll see then just how big he is. He eats like crazy. We are still on a 2.5 to 3 hour feeding schedule, but there are feedings where I have to supplement with formula or breastmilk bottles because he isn't satisfied after draining all he can out of me. One day this week, I had to supplement at every daytime feeding because he was acting famished! What's a momma to do with such a hungry boy!?

In sleep world, things are doing okay. Inconsistency seems to be the theme these days. Most nights he does atleast a 3.5-4 hour stretch at first, followed by a three hour stretch. For example, last night I nursed him at 10:15 and he woke at 2:30 to eat. He woke up again at 6:15, and then we all woke around 8:30 to start the day. However, we did have one huge stretch earlier this week. Liam went 6.5 hours between feedings. I nursed him at 10:30 and he didn't wake up until around 5:00 am! I was thrilled....seriously, that is the most sleep I have gotten in months! But, he hasn't done it again since then.

Liam has started smiling a lot lately. It is the sweetest thing in the whole world! He really is a happy baby and is such a flirt! I think he is really close to laughing out loud, but it hasn't fully happened just yet. I've been trying to capture his smile on camera, but naturally that never works out. I'll get it soon though and will post some more pics of my precious boy.

Big things are happening for Jonathan these days, too! His official last day as a resident is this coming Tuesday. As of Wednesday morning, Jonathan will become an associate for the University General Dentists practice and will also be assisting with the Residency program, training the new residents coming in. Jonathan has been blessed with some great friendships with his fellow residents this year! It's sad that everyone will be going their separate ways, but we trust that God has lots in store for everyone! We are mostly going to miss our good friends, Dalyn and Jessica Webb! They are heading to Washington, NC, for the next three years and we will miss them terribly.

There's not too much to report from me. My mom and sister came in last week (as I mentioned above) for a few days. My baby sister, Hillary, got to meet Liam for the first time and got to see me in the throes of motherhood. Let's just say, it wasn't exactly the most fun and exciting adventure with a fussy infant and sick toddler on hand. This weekend, my dad is visiting us and seeing Liam! My dad met Liam for the first time on Friday since a busy work schedule has kept him from getting up here sooner. We are enjoying some quality time with him! I love my Daddy! He is such a trooper and is so funny to be around.

Anywho, that's the latest! I have been taking a good bit of pictures lately, so I will try my hardest to post some soon. I need to document the growth of my piranha-esque boy! Please keep Nora in your prayers that she would be healed quickly!

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