Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tales of Nora

It's hard to believe that in less than one month, Nora will be turning two years old. She is changing so quickly and is growing up faster than we want her to. I have threatened both Nora and Liam that I will stop feeding them so that they will stop growing! It makes me sad that they are growing up so fast!

I thought I would record a few funny stories about Nora that have happened lately. She is quite the funny and quirky girl!

Blame Shifter

Lately, Nora has been in denial about the fact that she goes poo poo. Whenever she has a dirty diaper, she says, "Shoo-wee, brother! Shoo-wee!" We'll say, "Nora, did you go poo poo?" She'll tell us no and that it was "Brother." "Shoo-wee! Brother! Shoo-wee!" It seems that she is already blaming her brother for things that she does!

Type A
Nora takes after me in so many ways. A lot of it, I think, is because she spends so much time with me. Her mannerisms are starting to mirror mine, and even though she looks so much like her Daddy, it's in the way she moves and in her facial expressions and in her personality that I see myself. I recently bought a cubed bookshelf for Nora's room to put her books and a few toys in. I, for one, was really excited about putting the shelf together and getting it set up because I love organization and having a place for everything. Well, on Saturday when we got it installed in her room, you would have thought we struck gold! Nora was so excited about her new shelf and immediately began putting her books in the cubes. Like Momma, Like Daughter!

Little Miss Routine
From infancy, Nora has been one for routine. This is all part of her like-Momma-ness and her Type A personality. She's so funny about repeating things. And seriously, once we do something once a certain way, she is so quick to remind us that it must be done that way again. The way we put her to bed (Bear, Baby and Blanket all have a particular spot in the bed); the songs we sing in the bathtub and while getting her pj's on (I MUST sing "Rock-A-Bye Baby" while drying her off); what she eats for breakfast (waffles and banana with a few additional things that rotate in and out). Her new kick is eating lunch outside on our back porch. I started doing this a few weeks ago since the weather has been so nice during the day. It's beautiful with the cool breeze, so we have a picnic and eat outside. She gets such a thrill out of this and gets pretty upset if it's raining and our plans get disrupted.

Music Lover
Nora loves music! She is getting really good at "singing" songs. By this, I mean that she has pretty much memorized a few of them and can nearly sing them by herself. Of course, it usually must be a group effort. Her favorites as of late are "Crushed," "The Lion Song," and "Ask, Seek, Knock." These songs come from a children's worship CD that is used for her children's ministry class. They are called Seeds Family Worship cds, and I highly recommend them. The words in every song are straight from the Bible and have been great for me as a way of memorizing scripture. I think they probably bless me more than Nora, but I am loving that she is learning God's Word at such a young age. Jonathan and I are considering putting Nora in a music class here in Knoxville this fall since she loves music so much.

Chick-fil-A Guru
The only fast food that we really ever eat is Chick-fil-a. I mean, we have nothing against other fast food places, but I can't tell you the last time I've been to McD's or Wendy's. Whenever we are going to get something quick for dinner, it's pretty much a no-brainer that we are going to get chick-fil-a because (a) my husband is addicted and (b) my daughter is addicted and (c) I pretty much can't think of anything else I'd rather have either. Nora lovingly refers to Chick-fil-a as "chicken 'n fries." She can put away a kid's meal like no one else and loves her "dippie." Many times Jonathan will come home and ask Nora about her day. He'll ask her what she did and what she had for lunch, and almost always the answer is "chicken 'n fries." Even though that is NOT what we had, she just loves to eat it and so I guess it is wishful thinking.

Water Junkie
This summer has been a blast with Nora. I tell you, the world has expanded tremendously now that Nora is mobile. She has been able to enjoy so much, especially being outdoors. Since Jonathan's parents have a pool, we've been able to take her swimming a good bit. She loves to get in, but hasn't graduated to putting her head underwater yet. Also, Nora loves the Splash Pad. There are two in Knoxville...one is simply the fountains in Market Square (not sure if that really qualifies as a splash pad), and the other is in a park near the lake with TONS of water toys and sprinklers and splash pad stuff! I though Nora would be a ninny the first time we took her, but she just went after it like crazy! She doesn't mind getting water in her face or in her eyes and the fact that the water is FREEZING doesn't seem to bother her either. It's so cute! Also, whenever she has her swimsuit on, she LOVES to wear her swim coverup or her "cover" as she refers to it. Last week at the Market Square fountains, I put her coverup on because I thought she was cold, and then she refused to take it off. I eventually just let her get it wet so that she would continue playing.

There are just a few tales of what Nora's doing these days. A few more blinks and my baby girl will be two, then three, then 18. What am I going to do!?

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