Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Birthday "Paw-dee" for Nora!

Yes, this girl says party like she's from New Orleans, even though she's only visited there a few times! Nora's "paw-dee" was this past Saturday. We scheduled it for 11:00 am until naptime, which seemed to be much easier on everyone involved. We had UNBELIEVABLE weather for late August, and had a blast! I thought for sure we would be spending most of the time inside our house, which is one reason we kept the guest list pretty small. But, we ended up spending most of the time outside in the backyard, making our "Hot Diggity Dog" lunch a picnic in the shade! Nora loves the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show, so we had a Mickey themed party.

Here are some photos of the big day. Pardon the lack of order here!

Singing Happy Birthday. Nora got embarrased and reverted to her "happy place." Notice how she's snuggled up against me with her hand by her head?

Granddaddy & Liam

Nora got a kitchen for her birthday. Can I just say that we underestimated how much she would enjoy this gift. She LOVED it! And hasn't stopped playing with it since.

Amy, my Momma, and I decorated Mickey Mouse cupcakes the night before the party. Being that none of us is crafty, we had a contest to see who made the best mouse ears. They are in the following order: Amy, Momma, Me. Amy won! Prize: She got to decorate all of the cupcakes by herself!

My precious, growing boy. He's 3.5 months old here.

Nora just taking it all in. This is right after Jonathan finished setting up her kitchen the night of her birthday.

Nana (my Momma) & Liam


Nora and Parks

Blowing out the candle

Picnic Time

London and my Momma....they were fast friends!

All of the cooks in the kitchen

Presents! This girl was very blessed and opened her presents faster than anyone I've ever seen.

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