Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve 2009

Okay, so once again I prove to be World's Worst Blogger. Christmas 2009 has come and gone, and I haven't blogged about any of it. In fact, I did manage to put up a post on Christmas Day, and what was it about? Food! Not my children. Not about my Savior's birthday. Not a precious little family pic. Nope. Food.

I'm from New Orleans, you'll have to let it slide.

Anyway, I have much to post about but since we've had the week-long Christmas extravaganza, I am just now sitting down long enough to express these few thoughts! We have had a wonderful week, filled with lots of family and love and food! We are so blessed. That's all I can say!

Since today is the last day of 2009, I thought I would borrow (steal) an idea from a friend's blog and record some of the big highlights that occurred in our lives throughout the past year! We have had an amazing year with many adventures, and I always experience a feeling of gratitude and God's graciousness and kindness when I think back and reflect.

January 2009
*Returned home to Knoxville safely after Christmas in New Orleans and New Years in Florida with the Johns family
*Made preparations for Nora's "big girl" room as I was about 5 months pregnant with Liam
*Traveled to see some good friends from Dental School in Charleston, SC.
*Jonathan turned 29
*Nora @ 16 months stood up by herself for the first time. (Still scooting at that point)
*I began a Photography Class at UT with a few girlfriends

February 2009
*Nora turned 18 months
*We had a big snow in Knoxville, but since Nora wasn't yet walking, she could only enjoy from inside.

March 2009
*Nora started walking!!!!
*We officially decided on our name for our firstborn son! Liam Piper Bradshaw!
*Jonathan's parents finally found a house in the Knoxville area and bought it!
*Nora went to the zoo for the second time, but since she was walking (sort of), she got to enjoy it more than before.
*We finished getting Nora's big girl room ready and moved her in.
*Nora had a really long conversation on the phone with her daddy one day and read him stories over the phone.
*Nora had her first of many falls as a new walker. Big ole bruise!
*Went on a field trip to Cade's Cove for my photography class. Learned so much!

April 2009
*Jonathan's parents moved into their new home here in Knoxville.
*Nora decided that her favorite word of the month was "naked."
*My parents came up from NOLA to celebrate Easter with us since we couldn't travel so close to Liam's due date.
*My mom stayed a week to visit while she was off for Easter break!
*We scheduled an induction for Liam's arrival: May 4, 2009
*Finished getting the nursery ready for a boy.
*Went out with the ladies from our Care Group for a dinner to celebrate Liam's arrival.

May 2009
*Liam Piper was born on May 4, 2009. Healthy and huge!
*Nora Kathryn became a big sister at just 20.5 months old.
*Jonathan and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary with a date out (can you believe that, with a three week old!)
*I had my second Mother's Day.
*My momma stayed a week to help after Liam's birth.
*My sister, Emily, came for several days to help after Liam's birth.
*Nora got her first car.
*Liam got his first bath, his first meal, his first rounds of shots.
*We officially became addicted to cupcakes from The Cupcakery.

June 2009
*I turned 27, and my husband threw me a surprise party.
*My dad came in town to meet Liam and spend several days with us.
*Liam started growing like a weed!
*Liam started smiling.
*Jonathan spent his last days as a resident at UT, and began his transition into an attending/associate for University General Dentists.
*My momma and baby sis, Hillary, came up for a visit so Hillary go meet Liam and they could love on the kiddos.
*I think I officially had the hardest month of my life thus far. However, we survived and learned more of God that month, so we're all good!

July 2009
*Nora went to the Splashpad for the first time and played in the fountains in Market Square.
*Our close friends, Dalyn & Jessica, moved far, far away. We were so sad, but happy for them at the same time.
*Liam fell in love with his paci.
*James, Joan and their boys (family from MS) came to celebrate July 4th with us.
*Nora loves spending the warm days at Granna and Geegaw's house, swimming in the pool, taking boat rides, feeding the ducks and fish, and playing with the neighbor's kids.
*Liam laughs out loud for the first time.
*Liam "slept" through the night for the first time.

August 2009
*Liam turned 3 months! (WHAT!)
*I became obsessed with recycling.
*Nora "peeped" on the potty for the first time.
*Nora turned 2 years old and had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed party.
*We got our first family pet, a fish named Blue Fish from our next door neighbors Matt, Anne, and Dillon.
*My momma came up for a visit.
*Nora started music class with Kindermusik.
*Jonathan traveled to Arkansas to attend a good friend's wedding.
*We went to Dollywood for the first time.

September 2009
*Nora and Liam officially started being buddies.
*Liam started rolling.
*I took both kids to the doctor at the same time for the first time ever.
*Liam started rice cereal. Nora decided to give it a try and had a very.traumatic.moment.
*I discovered the wonderfulness of Individual Raspberry Cobblers by the Pioneer Woman.
*We went on a mini-vacation to Gatlinburg, TN, with our best friends Robert, Amy, and Layla Townsend.

October 2009
*We picked pumpkins as a family at the Fruit and Berry Patch. Then we carved our pumpkins and toasted pumpkins seeds.
*Liam learned to sit up.
*Liam got his first two teeth.
*Nora started "cooking" with me and "helping" me in the kitchen.
*We went trick or treating for the first time. Nora was a Ladybug and Liam was a red hot chile pepper.
*Liam started consistently sleeping through the night (at approximately 5 months old).

November 2009
*We traveled to New Orleans for a two week visit with family and friends.
*The kids went to the Audubon Zoo for the first time.
*Nora ate her first fried shrimp and really liked it!
*Liam met his great, great Aunt Hazel for the first time and spent his first night in Mississippi.
*Liam got to meet his great grandmother Gloria.
*Grandpa turned 60, and we were there to celebrate his surprise party with tons of family!

December 2009
*We had our first snow of the season, and Nora finally got to play outside in it! Yeah for walking!
*Liam started army crawling and got his top, right tooth.
*Liam and Nora started wearing the SAME size diapers. He's almost 8 months and she is almost 2 1/2.
*We celebrated our first Christmas at home here in Knoxville.

We truly have had an amazing year and are so blessed! Thank you, Lord, for an amazing year and for challenging us and bringing growth into our lives. May we grow even more next year and be drawn closer to you!

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