Monday, January 25, 2010

Baby Dedication

Photo Courtesy of Suzanne McNeil

Yesterday, Sunday, January 25, 2010, we had a Baby Dedication Service at our church where we dedicated Liam. Basically, this is just a way for Jonathan and I to declare publicly our desire to train our boy in the instruction of the Lord and to raise him in the knowledge of God. We strive to teach our children, to the best of our ability, about the Gospel and God's love. We know that ultimately, their lives are in God's hands, but we believe that He has given us our kids--Nora and Liam--as gifts, and we have a responsibility to love them, teach them, and care for them, in a physical sense and in a spiritual sense. We pray that one day Liam and Nora will come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and will come to understand all that he has done for them!

I love my kiddos so much, and every day I feel the weight of the responsibility of teaching them about the Gospel. However, I am so thankful for God's mercy and kindness and faithfulness. Where I am weak, HE is strong!

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