Monday, January 4, 2010

Liam Piper: 8 Months Old

Today Liam Piper turns 8 months old! I am sure I say this every month, but MAN, is time flying by with this boy. He is such a joy, so much fun to be around, and just the sweetest boy there ever was! Everyone who is around him can't help but love him.

This past month, Liam has grown up so much. He is no longer a little baby but seems to be growing into a little boy more and more. He has had quite the busy month with Christmas and New Years having come and gone! Here are some of the things that are going on with our "Buddy Man":

Feedings: Liam still eats every three hours. I am only nursing him twice a day now, so the other feedings he is receiving a bottle of formula. He gets nursed at 8 am, a 4 oz. bottle around 11:30 am, a 4 oz. around 2:30 pm, nursed at 5:30 pm, and a six oz. bottle before bedtime around 8:30 pm. He is also eating three "meals" per day. I have tried several times to give Liam finger foods like rice, yogurt melts, cheerios, etc., but it seems that he has a very intense gag-reflex, so for now, the only thing he is self-feeding with are puffs! And man, can that boy put away some puffs! He LOVES those things, and he has pretty close to mastered the pincer grasp. We go through a can like every 3-4 days.

Sleep: The past week or so, Liam has consistently been sleeping through the night from when we lay him down at 8:30-8:45 pm to 8:00-8:30 am. He may fuss or stir once or twice in the early morning, but he settles himself back down with needing me to find his paci for him. That has been wonderful. Prior to this past week, he had been sick for roughly two weeks, so he was having some sleep trouble. However, we seem to be past that and are definitely enjoying better sleep! He still naps 2-3 times a day, depending on the length of his naps and our schedule for the day. His longest nap is usually in the morning and lasts anywhere from 1.5 -2 hours. Nice. Very nice!

Mobility: Liam is everywhere and into everything! He can army crawl wherever he wants. We spend lots of time in Nora's room playing where he has plenty of room to move around and there are lots of toys for him to get into. This past month, he has also mastered sitting up and can do this for long periods of time without getting tired. The only dilemma he has right now is that he hasn't figured out how to go from sitting up to on his tummy to crawl, so usually when he decides that he's had enough of sitting up, he'll face-plant himself onto the floor, which I can't imagine feels good, so he cries for a second until he gets over it. It's kind of funny, actually. (Don't tell anyone I said that). Oh, he has also started "dancing." When he hears music from a toy or the radio, he'll start rocking back and forth to the music! It's so cute and he can really get going. We call him our Rocker Boy!

Growth: I am not sure how much Liam weighs at this point, but he sure is solid! He has basically outgrown his infant carrier carseat, but we are waiting a bit to move him to the next one. I am sure we'll get one sometime this month. I can hardly carry him in the carrier any more. He and Nora now wear the same size diaper! Isn't that hilarious!? We have officially moved him up to size 4. This is really convenient for buying diapers, but I guess it is also a sign that we need to potty-train Nora. We're getting close to perhaps being ready to maybe try that, but I can't sell myself on the idea just yet. Guess I am lazy. Liam is now in 9-12 months, but mostly 12 month clothes. (Nora is wearing 18-24 months stuff, still). Won't be long till he's bigger than her.

Personality: This month has definitely brought out Liam's personality. It's so cute to see a bit into what he's going to be like as he gets older. Not only is he sweet. THIS BOY IS STUBBORN! I think we are going to have our hands full with this one because he is so determined to go after what he wants, and even if you try to stop him or tell him "no" to something, he will do anything and everything he can to get to what he wants. He has also started voicing his dissatisfaction with things. He'll cry and fuss if you leave him alone in a room (depending on his mood/time of day), and we can definitely tell when he is unhappy about something.

Milestones: Liam now sits in a chair when we go out to eat at restaurants! He can support himself so well that he doesn't have to be confined to his carrier. He is also discovering his voice and is VERY vocal! He says "dada" mostly, but can also say "mama" and "baba." He blows raspberries a lot! Between the raspberries, the drool, and the spit-up, this boy has MANY outfit changes a day. Liam has three teeth now, his top right tooth being his latest. His other three top teeth should break through before too long, but right now he looks pretty cute with just one sticking out up there! Wish I could capture a picture, but he'll barely let me touch his mouth these days.

Memories: Liam has had his very first Christmas! We had a wonderful time of having Jonathan home for nearly 2 weeks, our first time of having Christmas at home ever! Liam got several new toys that are great for his age and are more boyish than some of Nora's toys. He really seems to be enjoying them! A few days after Christmas, my parents and sisters came up to Knoxville to spend a few days with us. Liam continually steals everyone's hearts, and he and my dad have quite a sweet relationship. He is just so lovable!

Life with a sister: I must say that this boy LOVES his sister. Whenever she walks into the room, his face just lights up. He adores her and loves to touch her, pull her hair, kiss her face, etc. Now that he is mobile and can get into things, she is starting to get a bit annoyed with him and is getting territorial of her things. We are working on sharing and being kind! HAHA. It is so precious to see their growing affection for each other and I know they will be the best of friends before too long! Even though he absolutely loves his Nora girl, he is a Momma's boy. I think I am his ultimate favorite, at the moment, which is fine by me because this boy is growing up way too fast.

Enjoy some of the pictures of Liam from the past month!

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