Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Moving On Up!

We have had quite a busy four day weekend around here that has included several big changes for our family! Both Nora and Liam are growing so quickly and making changes almost daily. Will they ever stop growing and changing? What can we do to make this slow down!?

Let's start with Nora.

As of yesterday, Nora is now in a BIG GIRL BED! I am still in shock!
We have had a twin-sized bed since before Liam was born that has been in Liam's room. I used to sleep in there when Liam was really little, but since he's been sleeping through the night, that bed has pretty much been unused. We went through the whole debate about whether to transform Nora's crib into a toddler bed or to just make the big jump to the twin bed. After going back and forth, we decided to go with the twin bed, just to get it over with and also to make more room in Liam's bedroom so that he can have more room to play and crawl around. (The twin bed was taking up a lot of space in his room). We had to make a few modifications to Nora's big girl bed as the box springs AND pillow-top mattress meant that it was a LOOOOONGGGG way down if she were to fall out of the bed. So, we decided to put the box springs in storage and put a piece of plywood underneath her mattress to make things super sturdy. Yesterday morning, Jonathan borrowed his dad's truck and got the plywood cut to fit, and then we moved the bed in her room. I thought we should keep the crib up in her room JUST IN CASE she didn't like her new bed or didn't make the transition smoothly. I don't do well with little sleep, and for some reason, I just kept having visions of her getting up out of her bed at all hours of the night, refusing to go to bed at night, crying, screaming, kicking, etc. I wanted a back up plan.

However, wise husband that he is, Jonathan said "No way!" He said that we needed to be committed to it, no matter how difficult, so he took the bed apart and whisked it away to his parents' house so they can have a bed for both kiddos over there. Bye, bye crib!

I spent most of the day reorganizing both kids' rooms, rearranging furniture, and dividing toys between the two rooms. I LOVE LOVE LOVE projects like that. I know, I'm weird, but I get so excited about organizing things. It was difficult, I'll admit, having Nora take books and toys out just as soon as I'd get them where I wanted them, and Liam "Destructo" Bradshaw into EVERYTHING. But, I managed to get everything done before nap time.

Let me just say, Nora did awesome! We have been talking about her big girl bed for the past few weeks. She knows that her best buddy Layla has a big girl bed and sleeps in it all the time, so we won't frequently ask Nora if she was going to be a big girl like Layla. To my surprise, she would get excited and smile and say that she wanted to sleep in her bed. When Jonathan was setting up the twin bed, she was right by his side "helping" and was just ecstatic! She climbed up in it, got her pillow, blanket, baby and bear and put everything right where it belonged (don't know WHERE she gets that). Even though nap time was hours away, she kept asking to lay down and wanted to know when nap time was.

When nap time came, she went down without any problems. I had to go in once to recover her with her blanket (a thing we do ANY time she goes to sleep), but she slept for almost two hours without any problems. When I put her down, I told her that when she woke up she needed to call for Momma and that I would come get her but that she was not to get out of the bed until I came. She obeyed! It was great!

Bedtime went just as well. We went through our routine, tucked her in, and didn't hear a peep out of her.....until like 4:30 or so in the morning. We were awoken in our room with the sound of Nora screaming through the monitor. Jonathan jumped out of bed, and I swear, I have never seen him run so fast. He was in her room in less than two seconds. When he got back to our room, I asked him how she was and he said that when he walked in she was sitting on the floor. Apparently, she fell out in her sleep (no we didn't put a rail up). There were no bumps, bruises or broken bones, and he picked her up, put her back in the bed, and covered her up. She slept until 8:00 am. It was great!

Here are some pics of Nora and her new bed!

Getting everyone in their place:

Tryin to climb in:

So excited!

I am SHOCKED at the lack of drama surrounding the new bed...as of yet. I don't expect things to be perfect, but I am just so thankful that things have gone so smoothly so far! Praise the Lord! Jonathan and I were so sappy and sad last night after we put Nora down because she really looked like such a big girl in her new bed. Ugh, I can't handle it.

Liam also had a big weekend! First of all, he has officially moved out of his baby carrier and has a big boy carseat. He'll face backwards atleast until he is one year old, but he is so long and so heavy that the carrier just wasn't working for us anymore. I can't tell you the last time I tried carrying him in that thing. First off, the carseat ALONE weighs like 12 lbs. Maybe not that much, but seriously! Then you add our tank of a boy (probably 20 lbs or more, I'm guessing), then you calculate in the awkwardness of the thing and it's really hysterical to watch Jonathan lugging him around. We had a combination of gift cards, coupons, and a major sale at Babies R Us, so we got a great seat for a great price! Jonathan installed it yesterday! Wow! Of course, there are some conveniences to the infant carrier. You can just leave the baby in it when shopping and stick the carseat on the grocery cart or in the buggy, but now when we hit up Kroger or Target, I'll have to let Liam ride in the top of the cart. Aah. Life is going to get even busier!

Another big thing for Liam is that as of this morning, I have officially weaned him. It has been a very gradual process, but my milk was just not cutting it any more. I have been gradually dropping feedings over the past month, but have been nursing him twice a day for a while now, supplementing the other feedings with formula. Just this past week, however, I have noticed that even after nursing him those two times, he was still hungry for those feedings, so I would fix him an additional two ounces to top him off. Apart from the nutrients, I didn't really see a point as my milk just wasn't satisfying him anymore. I am doing surprisingly well with this. I had a hard time letting go of the nursing with Nora. She pretty much weaned herself, and I fought it tooth and nail. Liam didn't really wean himself; it was more directed by me, but I think the gradualness of the whole process has given me time to let it go. It was not nearly as sudden as with Nora. He was such a great nurser and did great for over seven months! Praise the Lord! I'll just have to wait on future babies to nurse again. Atleast we will have more freedom than before....Jonathan is quite excited about the freedom that comes with bottles!

On a less serious note, Liam had ice cream for the first time last night. (At least I THINK it was his first time). His first ice cream from me...we'll just leave it at that. He was quite interested and really enjoyed it!

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