Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Webb Babies!

As I mentioned yesterday, our great friends, Dalyn and Jessica, are expecting twins this spring! They have tried for several years to have a baby, and God has seen fit to bless them with two: a boy and a girl! We couldn't be more excited for them, and I can't wait to get my hands on baby Finley and baby Landry!

Jessica and Dalyn came home for the last time before the twins' arrival to have their BIG family and friends shower in Dillsboro, NC. Naturally, we wanted to be in on the fun, so Jonathan and I made the trek to be there to celebrate with them.

I was so impressed with how my love is felt for Dalyn and Jess. They were showered (no pun intended) with love and hugs and gifts and care by their families and friends. Obviously, much is needed to care for ONE baby, so since two are on their way, Dalyn and Jess need LOTS of things. They were definitely blessed with so much, and the shower was absolutely beautiful.

I was in charge of the invitations (whew! I am not creative and definitely love administrative stuff, so that was the perfect role for me). Jessica's best friend, Ashley, was in charge of the cupcakes and cake topper, and she did a phenomenal job. All of the decorations were made to look like the shower invitations.

Jonathan, Tony, and Dalyn waiting for things to get started. They initially thought they would go hang out during the shower and play golf or something, but instead they stayed. It was so fun with them there, so I am glad they did!

More shots of the cake table.

Beautiful maternity pics of Jessica and Dalyn. And do you see those mints? Homemade by Dalyn's mom. I cannnot be held responsible for how many of those things I ate. Two words. Cream cheese. Yes, there was cream cheese in them.

Teresa, another hostess, made these adorable table centerpieces! She hand-painted the ribbon to go with the theme! Super-talented!

Dalyn's Momma.....she is indescribably excited about her coming grandbabies!

The Cupcake Tower!

The precious couple.

They had the biggest smiles on their face all day!

This is Dalyn's grandmother loving on Jessica. She kept petting was obvious that she just adores Jessica!

Ashley and her little girl, Reeslyn! She was one of the hits of the party!

Reeslyn helping her Aunt Jess and Uncle Dalyn open gifts!

More of Teresa's handiwork!

Sweet Friends!

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