Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The First Taste of Spring

I'm still holding my breath, but every day it seems that Spring is closer and closer. This past weekend was the first series of warm and sunny days that we've had in months, and let me just say that we enjoyed every single second of it.

On Saturday, my in-laws came over just after nap time to watch the kids enjoy the outside. They kept the kids for us on Saturday night so that we could go out with two of our closest friend couples for our Second Annual Melting Pot Birthday Bash! (I just came up with that name). Anyway, when Granna and Geegaw arrived at our house on Saturday afternoon, they had in hand a brand new bubble machine!

The kids had a blast playing in the bubbles and enjoying the warm air. Precious memories!


kc said...

Those are some beautiful pics! They perfectly capture that Spring feeling!

Corrie and Jonathan said...

Oooo I love these pictures! I especially like the one with Nora and the sun...i think it should be a postcard.