Thursday, March 4, 2010

Liam Piper: 10 Months Old

This is officially the fastest year of my life. I cannot believe that yet another month has gone by in our lives. We are almost to Spring. Summer is just around the corner. Nora is now 2.5 years old! Wow! Life is TRULY a vapor.

Today Liam turns 10 months old! He is such a joy and such a precious baby boy. He is so easy-going, so sweet and loving, and such a snuggle bug! We are so blessed to have him as our own, and I can't believe he will be a year old in just a matter of weeks!

There haven't been a ton of changes in his world this past month. He still eats about the same as he did at 9 months. His sleep schedule and size hasn't changed really. His mobility has kicked up a few notches which makes life very interesting and very busy!

Liam's personality is coming out more and more. We have learned two things about him: He is very stubborn. He is very LOUD.

Liam Piper is a very determined young man. If he sets his mind toward something---the fireplace, let's say---he will do anything and everything in his power to get to the fireplace. No amount of toys, distractions, food, pops on the hand seem to sway this boy. Hard in the head. My days are going to be very busy with this little guy!

Liam knows how to use his vocal cords. He also knows that Momma and Daddy don't like him to use his vocal cords when out in public. However, he seems to use this to his advantage and likes to shriek very loudly, shrill screams, piercing to the ear.

Two days ago, Liam woke up from his afternoon nap and decided that he wanted to crawl on his hands and knees. It was that sudden. Before his nap, he was an army crawler. After his nap, he was apparently too cool for that! It's really funny because he doesn't quite have it down yet, but he shakes his little booty and makes his way everywhere he wants to go. If he is really in a hurry then he'll flatten out and revert to the army crawl, but for the most part, he's a full-fledge, normal crawler. (By the way, my Momma thinks it's hysterical that neither of my children crawled normally. Remember, Nora was a scooter, and my Momma had never heard of army crawling until she saw Liam, so she thinks my kids are weird. They might be. The jury is still out).

Liam loves his Momma. He thankfully hasn't really struggled with separation anxiety, but in the past month he has definitely shown a favoritism toward me and prefers to be held by me over others. If he's having a particularly rough day, Momma's arms will make things better. We also have what I call "love fests" which is where he will just hug me for several seconds and go "ooohhhhhhhh." I can't get enough of those! He's such a sweet man!

Liam's language skills seems to be improving. He can say "Duck" (at least I am convinced that he can say it). He doesn't say "Nora" but I think that he might be trying to say her name. He has a distinct sound that he'll repeat when I say her name over and over, trying to get him to imitate. I've been working on signs for "all done" and "more" but the light bulb hasn't quite gone off with him on those things yet. We'll keep trying, though!

All in all, to sum up life with Liam right now, I'll just say we are BUSY. He is everywhere and into everything. Safety is my major concern because he has no fear, is stubborn, and loves to explore! I love having a little boy and can't wait to see what the coming months bring!

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