Monday, April 5, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

It's been nearly two weeks since my last blog post, and although I had intentions of being better about blogging, I have not succeeded! We've been busy and sick and trying to enjoy this glorious spring weather and training for a 5K, so blogging has once again taken a back seat.

I was talking to Jonathan the other night about the season of life that we are currently in. Lately, I have been a bit frustrated because I feel like I am so busy lately--mostly with the day in, day out caring for the kids and trying to keep my house from self-destructing--that I don't have time to do much else. Do any of you have those days where you spend the morning cleaning and putting thing away, playing with kids, fixing and cleaning up from meals, only to have it all destroyed hours later?! Seriously, some days by the time Jonathan gets home, it looks like I have done NOTHING all day. However, the Lord and my husband reminded me that it's not about results (sort of), and Jonathan doesn't rate my success as a wife and mother by the way the house looks at the end of the day. The reality is that we have two kids two and under. Life is busy. They are messt. Liam is a maniac at this stage and is so curious about everything. He's learning his limitations, experimenting with senses and abilities, and our home is the domain for him to do that. It might not fit in to my Type A personality and desire to have everything in its place. But, what's the most important thing right now? Where is my focus? What "results" am I most interested in? These are questions I have to ask myself every day, several times a day, because I tend to lose sight of this.

The truth is that my babies are only babies once. Liam is only 11 months once. I need to treasure them NOW.

With that said, let me share some of the wonderful and exciting things we've been doing over the past two weeks:

1. On Sunday, March 28th, Jonathan ran his first half-marathon! I am so extremely proud of him for setting and accomplishing this HUGE goal! He primarily wanted to be able to finish the 13.1 race, and not only did he do that, he finished it right at his goal time: 2 hours, 20 minutes, 40 seconds! I so badly wanted to take the kids out to the finish line of the race which was in the UT Stadium, however, Liam had an ear infection and the weather was SUPPOSED to be very rainy. Even though it was probably best that we didn't go out with Liam being ill, the rain held off until after Jonathan finished the race. He said the cool weather was great for running in!

Unfortunately, I did NOT get any pictures of my precious husband before or after the race. I am so sad about this fact, but alas, I didn't!

2. Liam turned 11 months yesterday (April 4th, Easter Day). Only a few more weeks and this boy will be one year old! WOW! We have the sweetest, most handsome boy on our hands, and as I am sure I say every time, we couldn't be more in love with him! He is so cute and funny and tender-hearted, but at the same time, he is stubborn and messy and smelly! ALL BOY!

3. Nora has decided she no longer wants to go "peep" in the potty. Not ever. Can I just say one thing? I.AM.SO.CONFUSED!!!!! Please pray for my patience and that I will have some supernatural wisdom from the Lord with how to walk this out in the coming months. I have decided to wait a few more weeks and try again. I think. Nora could change the plan on me tomorrow. HAHA.

4. Last Thursday, Nora, Liam and I went over to the Townsend's house to have our Easter baking and craft day. We dyed Easter eggs with the girls and made special colored Easter cupcakes and homemade icing. The girls had such a wonderful time playing together and being crafty. Amy and I are loving these traditions with our girls!

5. Easter was yesterday, and we had a wonderful and full day celebrating our Lord Christ Jesus' resurrection. We went to church where we had a wonderful service, then we headed over to Jonathan's parent's house for lunch. We didn't eat our big Easter meal until suppertime because Amy had to work yesterday, so we just had sandwiches for lunch, then the kiddos took naps. After they woke up, Nora had her first Easter Egg hunt! She loved it, so much, in fact, that I had to go and hide all of the eggs a second time so that she could go find them. Nora and Liam were both extremely spoiled by having Easter baskets given to them by us, Jonathan's folks, and Aunt Mamie! Just what they need, huh?!

We had a delicious Easter dinner of chicken and dressing, ham, butter beans, green beans, pistachio salad, broccoli salad, homemade macaroni and cheese, and rolls. For dessert, I made individual raspberry cobblers and Ms. Joyce made a delicious coconut cake that I have been so anxious to try. YUM!

We got to talk on the phone to my parents and wish them a Happy Easter. Also, I spoke with my Aunt Kathie and my grandmother, Gloria, who live in Baton Rouge. They loved talking on the phone to Nora. Lastly, we got a surprise phone call from Aunt Hazel who has been extremely ill the past few weeks, near to death, actually. I got to hear her voice for the first time in a long time, and I was so blessed to speak with her! God is so good! We had a wonderful Easter and I am so thankful for Jesus and His death on the cross!

6. I was able to go to the George Strait/Reba concert this past Friday night. We bought tickets for Jonathan's parents for Christmas, and Amy bought a pair of tickets as well. She invited me to go along, so I borrowed a pair of her cowboy boots and off we went. I must admit that I was extremely skeptical about this concert. I like my fair share of country music, now don't get me wrong, but REBA? Isn't she cheesy, corny, goofy with that big ole grin she's always wearing on her face? I mentioned my thoughts on this to Mr. Paul and Ms. Joyce who immediately told me that I was wrong. They saw her in concert about 15 years ago and said it was phenomenal. I was like, "YEah, sure." At least I'll enjoy George Strait. But, oh my stars, REBA WAS AMAZING!!!!

Ok, so Lee Ann Womack opened the concert. She was pretty good. Pretty nasally, but all in all, she's got some good songs. She lacked energy, but I didn't really realize that is what was missing until Reba took the stage. That woman must have downed 13 Redbulls before going on. She can sing so effortlessly and was just so gracious. She must have thanked the audience for their support over the years like 6 times. I think she's great live and probably better live than over the radio. And, to make things even better, she had several "guests" appear during her show. First of all, Brooks and Dunn showed up. Oh. MY. Goodness. We went wild. I don't even listen to Brooks and Dunn regularly, but it must the fact that everyone around you is screaming like animals and there are spotlights and flashes going off everywhere and then you realize there are two huge stars on stage! It was great! They sang a song with Reba then left. A few minutes later, Reba started to sing a Kelly Clarkson song that she's covered called "Because of You." I started thinking, "Oh Reba, she covered some hip alternative Kelly Clarkson song. Kelly Clarkson is so cool." But WHO SHOWS UP!?????
You guessed it!



Amy and I were freaking out! Again, I don't really even listen to Kelly Clarkson. I mean, I definitely know who she is but I don't love her music unconditionally or anything like that. But seriously, once again I was screaming my head off and looking over at Amy and we both say simultaneously, "OH MY GOODNESS! IT'S KELLY CLARKSON! NOOOOOO WAY!!!!"

We are such dorks.

So Kelly and Reba sang a few songs together. Then she left and Reba went on with her concert. So many good songs! Then, Reba goes on to talk about her TV show called none other than "Reba." As she's talking about the show, the actress who plays Barbara Jean comes running out and onto stage. I have maybe watched 1 full episode, but I knew who she was. They did a 10 minute diddy together that was really funny and they sang a song together (sort of). After that, Amy and I were like, "Who else is coming? Who else is going to come out from behind those magical curtains?" It was so much fun!

George Strait is awesome! He has so many great songs, but by the time he came out and we settled down from being star struck, he starts singing all of these slow and sappy songs. I was about to fall asleep. I mean, now that I have kids, I don't stay out late, and I definitely don't go to concerts that don't end until after midnight. So, at about 10:45, the four of us said we were ready and decided to get out and beat the crowd. Sorry George, but you should have gone before Reba! It was great fun and I am so thankful that Amy invited me. I need to do that more often.

Okay, so no pics on this post, but I'll do a picture post really soon with some shots of the kids and our craft/baking day and some pics from the concert that I snapped on my phone.


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