Friday, April 9, 2010

Off to the Doctor....Again.

Poor Liam is not feeling well again. He finished his antibiotic from his previous ear infection this past Wednesday less than 36 hours ago. This morning he woke up early and has been pretty irritable and extremely unhappy. He's not running a fever, but he isn't really interested in food and is just falling apart. He won't nap, and seems to be in pain but since he's only 11 months, I don't know exactly what he's feeling. Poor Buddy Man! We have an appointment early this afternoon, so please say a prayer that we can figure out what is wrong, and if it is another ear infection or a continuation of his earlier one, that the doctor will have wisdom for how to care for our boy.

Please pray for me, that I will have patience in caring for our children. I am struggling with being frustrated that once again we are at this place. I like to find solutions to problems and fix them, so this season of sickness is causing me to have to lean on the Lord, trust His perfect sovereignty, and find my strength, joy, and ability to care for my children from Him.

***Update: Liam does have another ear infection. This time it's his right ear, not his left! Dr. G. was very encouraging and said that he wants to see Liam again after his round of antibiotics to make sure we've got this thing this time. We are getting to be best buds with everyone over at our ped's office!! Praise God that our biggest problem with sickness is just an ear infection. All in all, our kids are quite healthy!

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