Monday, June 7, 2010

Sweet SummerTime

I love this time of year! The long summer nights, the warmth in the air, the desire to stay outdoors for hours until the sweat and mosquitoes force you in. My children love to be outside, too. Especially Liam. He will make his way to the front or back door and tap on it saying, "Ow-sigh," as he stretches out his arm and points in the direction of where he can't wait to be.

Before long, the heat will probably cause us to come inside much sooner than we'd like, but for now, we are able to endure the humidity and play in the sweet summer nights.

For a while, I have been wanting to venture over to the railroad tracks that are just a stone's throw from our neighborhood. While at the playground the other night, I suddenly remembered about my idea, so I ran home, grabbed my camera, and then Jonathan and I walked the kids over to the tracks. It was a bit nerve-wracking being there because lots of cars cross over, so I was a bit nervous about having my kids so close. Not to mention the potential that at any time a great big choo-choo train could start making its way in our direction.

So, we snapped a few pictures and then headed back to safety. We had a great little time and came home with a few keepers, and a scraped knee! (Nora tripped over a rock). I hope to do it again sometime when Liam is walking so I can get more of him!

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