Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Liam Piper: 15 Months Old

Because I am such a stellar blogger, he is actually closer to 16 months, but I didn't want to miss any opportunity to talk about our precious boy.  Liam turned 15 months on August 4th, but he went this morning for his check-up. 

Here are his stats:

Height: 31.5 inches (70th %)
Weight: 24 lbs., 4 oz. (50th %)
Head Circumference:  "Top of the Class" aka BIG OLE HEAD

At 15 months, here's what's going on in Liam's little life:

Eating:  Liam has definitely become a picky eater.  This, to be honest, stresses me out at times.  Liam wants absolutely nothing to do with cheese, macaroni and cheese, any sort of pasta, and most breads.  (I know, seriously, how does the boy survive!?)  He does eat any fruit you put in front of him, avocado, ground beef (spaghetti, chili, taco meat, sloppy joes), chicken (almost any kind), sweet potatoes, yogurt, oatmeal, breakfast breads (i.e. waffles, pancakes, cinnamon-raisin toast), peanut butter sandwiches, and anything sweet.  He DEFINITELY has a sweet tooth!  Most days, Liam will eat anything within the realm of things I listed above, but then there are other days where he out-right refuses to eat.  At all.  Take this past Sunday:  We got home from church and fixed lunch.  I fixed Liam a sweet potato with butter and some baked chicken, and he wouldn't touch it.  We tried everything, but he wouldn't give.  I was afraid he wouldn't nap, but would wake up hungry at about 3:30, but I was wrong.  He did nap and held off until supper time.  Crazy boy!  If is he refusing to eat big boy food, I can actually still count on him to him jarred baby food (stage 3), so I will give him that if all else fails so that I know he is getting something to eat.  Hopefully he will realize all of the delicious goodness he is missing out on.

Walking:  Liam started walking when we were in New Orleans the last week in July.  Since we got home, he has been walking a little more almost every day.  In fact, this past Monday, it was like a flip was switched and this boy went from walking about 40% of the time to about 70% of the time.  I think he is finally getting the hang of it and really enjoying his mobility.

Sleep:  Liam is still taking two naps each day.  For a while there he was not napping well in the afternoons at all, so I was just about to officially drop the morning nap for him.  But, then he got sick, and since his sickness, he's back to sleeping great during both naps.  So, we'll keep them for now.  I don't think he's too far off from being to one, and he can handle just having one on the days that we need to cut one out.  At nighttime, he goes to bed between 8:30-9:00 and sleeps till 8:30-9:00 in the morning!  I am one blessed woman to have such a great sleeper!

Teeth:  Liam has 9 teeth as of today!  He is currently working on all his molars and incisors, so I expect teeth to be popping out anytime.  He has cut one molar so far, and his other eight are the four on top and four on bottom in the center. 

Things He Loves:  Liam has started to take a real interest in books lately (much like his older sister).  He loves to be pushed up into the rocking chair in his room with a stack of books where he will sit and flip through the pages, sometimes "reading" aloud to us.  He takes it very seriously, and I've been trying to get it on video, but if he spies the camera, all hope is lost.  Liam still loves his Cozy Coup car and anything that helps mobilize him.  He has recently discovered the joy of blocks.  By that, I mean that he loves when Nora or Momma or Daddy start to build a tower that he can knock down.

Liam LOVES his sister!  He wants to be like her so badly and gets in her way and into her stuff way more than she would like him to.  We're learning to co-exist over here, but they really do love and adore each other.  Liam is definitely a lover and is quite affectionate.  He loves to kiss Nora and hug her, and she is not always fond of that attention, but sometimes she is super sweet with him as well.  I keep praying that their relationship will grow and their care for each other will bond.  I know it will!  The number of times that they play together unsolicited is becoming more and more common.  One of my favorite sounds is hearing their laughter together!

Liam has never been interested in the television in the past.  Nora, however, would see that the television was on and her eyes would lock onto the screen.  Almost like a trance.  Liam couldn't care less.  However, he has recently started to enjoy the Baby Einstein's or Praise Baby DVD's just a bit.  His attention span isn't very long, but he likes to look at the kids in the videos and say, "Baby."  I am kind of glad that he isn't into TV, but sometimes (say, suppertime) it's nice to have a bit of a distraction.

Vocabulary:  Liam's vocabulary is exploding here lately.  He is starting to make effort to repeat things after a word cue.  Not to compare them again, but Nora was definitely more verbal than Liam is.  I like to tease that Liam speaks "cave man."  He's like a lot of men in that he grunts to communicate.  But, here are the words that he can say (and when I say "say," I mean that they sound like baby words for sure and not like a normal person.  I, however, know what he is saying):  Momma, Dadda, Granna, Geegaw, Nora, Mamy, baby, ball, car, duck, truck, thank you, more, milk, up ("puh"), please ("peez"), cheese ("cheez"), bye-bye, night, more, book.  He can mimic the animal sounds for duck, cat, dog, and sheep.
This is such a fun stage to be in.  I love that he has such a desire to learn and communicate, and I love how proud he gets when he gets something right!  He is such a joy!

Sweet Memory:  Liam loves his daddy!  They always call out to each other if they aren't in the same room.  Liam will start by yelling:  "Dadda!"  Jonathan responds with a "LIAM!"  "Dadda!"  "LIAM"  "Dadda!"  "Liam!"  And back and forth it goes.

Clothes:  Liam is wearing 18 months clothes mostly, but there are a few 24 months things he wears.  I have been blessed by friends with almost all of Liam's wardrobe for the fall and winter.  I have spent about $20 dollars on everything, and that includes two coats, two practically new pairs of shoes, and too many outfits to count.  Thank you Lord for providing through generous friends!

We love our Buddy Man!  He is the sweetest thing and is such a gift! 

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