Friday, August 27, 2010

Why Is It!?

Why is it that some days motherhood seems almost easy?  Dare I say effortless?  I'm joyful.  They are joyful.  They play well together.  Some of the housework gets done. 

Then, there are days when motherhood is HARD.  Really hard.  You know what days I'm talking about.

Thankfully, God is God during all of these days, the good and the bad.  He is sovereign over my mothering.  My successes and my failures.  His mercy is abundant and anticipating my needs.  On days when I feel like motherhood is effortless, it's not that He's decided to smile at me while the other days He's decided to take a nap.  God is with us every moment, with every victory, every time I give into my sin.  His grace is always there.

Today is one of those days when motherhood seems effortless.  Thank you, Lord, for the grace that makes me feel this way.

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