Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Library Love

Boy, do we love going to the library!

I first discovered all that the library had to offer for kids and our family when Nora was about Liam's age.  A friend of mine invited me to their baby story time called Baby Bookworms.  Every Thursday morning, Nora and I would venture out to the library where we joined other kiddos her age for singing, hand games, and story time.  She grew to love it!  However, when Liam came along, we stopped going out of necessity.

Since Liam is still taking a morning nap, we haven't been able to go back to Baby Bookworms for his benefit because the class takes place right during his naptime.  However, I am seriously planning to take him once we drop that nap altogether.  For now, we usually take a trip to the library once a week after lunchtime, and we make it home just before their afternoon naps.

Reading books together.

When we walk in, the first thing we do is return the books we had previously checked out.  Then, we venture over to the video section where Nora and I choose 1-2 DVDs for her to watch throughout the week.  After that, she runs off to read her little heart away, while Liam and I sort through the books on the shelves trying to find some great ones to bring home.

Liam is to the point now where he's not content to just sit in the stroller the whole time we are there.  He likes to get out and be a big boy!

Anyway, I just thought I'd post about one of my kids' favorite places ever! The best part about it is that it is totally free.  On the way home, we typically have to make a stop at McD's for a large sweet tea (only $.99!), which only makes our library adventure more exciting for all! 

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Melanie said...

We were at the library today too! We did baby bookworms, but at Farragut. Let's meet up at Cedar Bluff sometime!