Friday, November 12, 2010

Liam Piper: 18 Month

Daddy and Liam on the way home from the playground.

Oh, Liam.  You are now 18 months.  It is hard to believe that you are only a few months away from being 2 years old.  Wow.

We took you to the doctor this morning for your 18-month check-up.  Here are your stats:

Height:  33.5 inches (88th percentile)
Weight: 26 lbs., 7 oz.  (65th percentile)
Head Circumference: 90th percentile

You are definitely a big ole boy!  We love you so much.

I have definitely seen the rough and tough come out in you lately.  You love to play, be chased around the house, wrestle with your Daddy or your sister.  You are just as crazy about books as Nora was at your age, but you would rather sit in someone's lap and be read to than read to us.  You're favorite books have to do with animals so that we can talk about them and discuss all of the noises that the animals make.  You have mastered the horse's "Neigh" and the Owl's "Whooo." 

Reading a book with Daddy after breakfast.

Anything that resembles a big automobile or large truck or machinery that is yellow is a "Dozer."  That is definitely your favorite word these days.  You can spot them a mile away, and you get so excited anytime we pass one or you spot one while driving around town. 

Playing in the empty cabinets at Daddy's new office.

You know where your belly button is, and you also enjoy finding out where everyone else's belly buttons are.  You are the most ticklish little guy, and love to be gotten, especially under your chin and your toes.  You have the best laugh, so I torture you often just to hear it.

Climb, climb, climb.

You and Nora are growing closer and closer.  "Ora" plays so sweetly with you most days, and you love to show her affection and be right where she is.  Just this morning I captured a few photos of you two sitting together on the floor in her room surrounded by dozens of books.  My heart melts as I see your friendship grow.

Within the past month, we found that you are going to be a BIG BROTHER!  You absolutely adore babies, so I know you will be tender and gentle (at least I hope that remains), but you are also a very big Momma's boy and have gotten jealous of my attention, so I am afraid you will have some major adjustments coming your way.  For the record, Nora thinks this baby in Momma's belly is a girl who shall be named Isabella.  But, we'll see!

Just this week I have started room time with you.  We'll see how it goes since you completely dislike the gate and don't like to be left alone.  I remember that Nora had a hard time at first, but I also remember how quickly she grew to love her time of independent play in her own room.  I pray you grow to love it as well because being able to play by yourself and entertain yourself is a good quality to have.

You are still a pretty picky eater.  You have shown some improvement in the past few weeks, which has been such a blessing.  "Meat" is back on your list of likes: spaghetti meat, chili, taco meat.  And the other night, you devoured three servings worth of the Creamy Chive Chicken meal.  So we are making progress!  Still, you dislike cheese and pasta and hotdogs, which is beyond me!  I pray you learn to not be so stubborn in this area because you are definitely missing out.

Discipline is something we are trying to be consistent with with you.  There are so many things that you aren't allowed to touch around the house that you just can't refuse: the television, DVD player, telephone, toilet, trash can, and dishwasher.  Also, I am working on teaching you to come to Momma when I want you to do something with me, but you seem to think it is pretty funny to run in the opposite direction.  You little booger.  I have to confess that you are pretty cute which sometimes works in your favor.

The boots.  The fat rolls.  The knee dimples.

You are such a snuggle bug and love to be held by your Momma and Daddy.  I love how affectionate and playful you are, and I pray that never stops but only grows in you.  I pray also that you learn to obey your parents.  We are given to you by the Lord and He is equipping us to care for you and train you.  Good things await you, my son, if you honor your parents, so I pray that the Lord helps you to learn this important thing in the coming months.

Happy 1.5 years, Buddy Man.  You are such a joy!

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