Friday, November 19, 2010

Pregnancy #3 So Far

I am 10.5 weeks pregnant with Baby Bradshaw #3, and since I haven't really blogged much about how things are going with the pregnancy, I thought I would share some of the crazy pregnancy thoughts that have been floating around in my head lately. 

1.  It feels like this pregnancy is going by soooooo.slllooowwwwwwww.....  With Liam, I feel like I blinked and he was here.  Nine months=gone.  Baby=here.  Pronto.  It think this one is going by so slow because I found out I was pregnant so early!  According to my due date, when I tested I was just over three weeks pregnant.  With my other two, I was between 4-6 weeks when I found out.  So, I definitely think I should at least be at the start of my second trimester.  Who's with me!?

2.  Thank the Lord, I have had another great pregnancy so far.  After my body adjusted to the Prometrium, I have had no trouble with nausea or dry-heaving, etc.  In fact, these past few weeks as we have been super busy getting the office ready for opening and this week with long days and Jonathan working really hard, I (shhh!) sometimes FORGET I'm pregnant.  I think it's the whole "keeping up with two other kids, one who is 18 months old, moving 90 miles an hour, into everything under the sun" thing.

3.  I have spells where I am really not very hungry.  And then all of a sudden, I am starved!  Must.Eat.Now.  In food news, it appears that I have finally gotten over my egg aversion.  Ever since I was pregnant with Nora (about 4 years ago now), eggs--mostly scrambled--have completely grossed me out.  I couldn't handle the smell, the cooking of them, and most definitely the cleaning up after them.  YUCK!  But, in the past few weeks, Nora has shown a major interest in eating scrambled eggs for breakfast.  I think that is a great thing to add to our breakfast repertoire, so I have been more than happy to whip some up for her.  Well, what do you know!?  Momma likes them too.  I've been putting cheese on them, eating some bacon, making myself some toast.  Just like Cracker Barrel.

4.  Food confessions:  I am addicted to Nora's fruit snacks.  When Nora goes #2 on the potty, she is rewarded with 1 little piece of a fruit snack pack.  She sometimes goes several times a day, so I don't want the kid eating a whole box of fruit snacks in a 24 hour period.  One little snack bite keeps her happy, so we're good.  EXCEPT, that lately I have not been able to exhibit self-control when it comes to the remainder of the pack.  They taste so stinking good.  I think I need to buy the cheap, funky kind so I can nip this habit in the butt.

Also, I was REALLY craving Poppy Seed Chicken the other day.  So, I fixed it for dinner and it was delicious!  Then, yesterday morning I got STARVING around 10:30 am, so I figured I could just go ahead and eat an early lunch, right?  Poppy Seed Chicken.  Yum.  Then, this morning when I woke up, guess what I was craving again?  Yes, I officially had poppy seed chicken for breakfast.  There's one serving left.  Hmmmm...I wonder when I will eat that!?  Pregnancy.  It does weird things, people.

5.  I'll only say this once.  I don't know if people realize it, but pregnancy belly #3 is not the same as pregnancy belly #2 or #1.  I seem to be showing earlier this time than last time, and several people have commented about it.  I don't know if they are trying to be nice or what, but I'm not even out of my first trimester.  Please don't tell me how big I am!  Love you, thanks!

6.  I really have no idea what the gender of the baby is.  I go back and forth, but I seriously don't have a leaning either way.  Jonathan and Nora are both leaning toward girl.  I think either one would be a fun addition, but so far, I don't have that motherly instinct swinging one way or another.

7.  I absolutely love being pregnant, and I get so excited at the thought that it's not too long before I'll be able to feel this precious life moving inside of me.  It is such a miracle!

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