Monday, December 6, 2010

Baby #3: 12 Week Check-up or "I Learned My Lesson"

Hello!  Things are totally crazy around here these days.  I find it really hard to keep track of what day it is, but thankfully we are all healthy and happy around here, so we can't complain.  Today was a very interesting day, and I'll just let you know that I learned a very valuable lesson today.

Don't take your two kids with you to your OB appointment.

When I was pregnant with Liam, I took Nora with me all the time to my OB appointments.  She would sit in her stroller, eat Cheerios, look around, play with a book.  We were typically in and out in a matter of 45 minutes.  No big deal.  So, after being gone most of last week down in New Orleans and a crazy, busy weekend, I really didn't want to drop the kids off somewhere without me for a while so that I could go to the doctor.  I had an ultrasound scheduled, and I really thought Nora would enjoy getting to see the baby, so I figured, "Why not! The timing is great, let's bring them!"


First of all, I should have known how bad it was going to be as soon as I walked in the door.  The waiting room was PACKED!  I could barely find two chairs together so that Nora and I and Liam in the big, enormous Graco stroller could all sit together.  But, we did.  For the first twenty minutes we sat in the front waiting room, and the kids did great.  We split a granola bar, looked at some books, and before I knew it they were calling me to go pee in a cup and head to the back ultrasound waiting room.  (I'm thinking:  Okay, even though everyone in Knoxville is at the OB/GYN today, we may actually get out of here in time to get lunch).

I peed....which was QUITE interesting to explain to Nora.  ("Why are you peeing in a cup, Momma?")  Then we wound our way back to the other waiting room where the REST of Knoxville was apparently waiting on ultrasounds.  GREAT!!!  The kids watched the news, read some books and magazines, Nora played contentedly with her dolls.  After a while, I gave Liam his paci because he had to skip his morning nap to come to the appointment, and I didn't want to have a meltdown.  THEN, Nora decided she had to go "to the bathroom."  I at first was worried that if we got up and left, they would call my name, not know where I was, and move on to someone else, so I kept trying to put her off.  But, she kept insisting, and I didn't want to cause any accidents or anything, so we hurriedly helped Nora take care of her business and rushed back.  I don't think we missed a thing.

Finally, everyone was clearing out of the office, and I was certain the staff was on their lunch break.  I was really beginning to think that they had totally forgotten about us, so I decided to let Liam out of the stroller (aka: Baby Jail) because he had been strapped in there for over 1.5 hours.  I think that got the nurses' attention.  They soon reassured me that the Ultrasound Tech was "new" and "behind."  That explained the long wait and lack of efficiency!  Nora kept asking, "Why is this taking so LONGGGG!?"  and saying, "Oh well, it's taking too long, we need to leave."  Liam kept trying to walk into the operatories where other patients were.  Good times.

Finally at 12:30 (my appointment was for 10:50), the Ultrasound Tech came and got us.  I felt sorry for her because I know it was her first day and she seemed REALLY stressed and overwhelmed.  And I know she knew she was behind, so I didn't want to make her feel terrible.  I was just happy we were making some progress and that we were about to see the baby on the screen.  I sat the kids up with some cheerios just like they were about to watch a movie.  Nora got to see the baby, and Liam was totally clueless, but our little #3 looked great!

I am 12 weeks, 6 days today which means I am officially out of the first trimester TOMORROW!  I was told to stop the Prometrium I have been on for weeks now, and I go back in 4 weeks for another appointment and to find out the sex of the baby!  We also heard baby's heartbeat today, and it was at 151 bpm.  That is always the most wonderful sound!

After the ultrasound, I briefly met with the doctor.  We chatted for a minute, discussed a few things, I received a flu shot, and we were DONE!  Nora walked out with some rubber gloves, and after 2.5 hours, we were finished and heading to Chick-fil-a!  My babies did great for being confined for that long amount of time!  And, I realized that I most likely WON'T be bringing them with me to future appointments if at all possible!  Thanks be to God that #3 is growing and progressing well!  I can't wait to meet him or her!

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