Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Family Photos 2010

We had our family pictures taken by Lillian Prince a few weeks ago, and as always, we loved the way they turned out.  I have posted several on our blog site, but here are some of our favorites.  Seriously, we got hundreds of photos, and they are all amazing.  I could spend hours posting them all, but I won't. 

Let's get started:  Here's our Nora Girl.

So, Nora knows how to wink.  This is what she did when I told her to show Ms. Lillian how she winks:
Trying harder.
Trying REALLY hard.

Me and my favorite girl.

Some precious, priceless photos of my two babies:

For some reason, this makes me visualize him in college.  Such a big boy!

Definitely one of the most FAVORITE.  This is SO Nora.

Here are some more of our Liam:

He was wanting to run away from Ms. Lillian, so....

I had to chase him down.

Caught ya!

This picture defines Liam at this age.  He LOVES to read and sit in a "big boy" chair.

Me and my man:

So handsome, he is.

To say my man loves my little girl is a huge understatement.  He's smitten with her.

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Claire said...

Casey, I LOVE these pictures! They are all great...and many of them so candid.