Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow Days

Well, for those of you not in Knoxville, we have had some major snow the past few days.  Yesterday was an official Snow Day with canceled schools and all that, so we decided to have some fun in the front yard with our neighbor Dillon and Ms. Anne.  We ate lunch and then bundled up extensively before heading out into the cold weather. 

Liam's first full exposure to snow.  He was too little last winter.

Shortly after we came outside, some other neighbors down the street offered to take the kids sledding in their front yard on their sled.  By sledding, we mean they were pulled around on a flat surface, but you know....sledding is sledding.  It so counts!

First up, Liam and Dillon.  Nora was a bit hesitant.

Then, Buddy Man decided to sit it out for a while.  So, Nora finally got the nerve to try.

After the sledding, we headed back to our yard to build ourselves a snow man.  Actually, Dillon, Nora, and Ms. Anne made the snowman while I kept track of Liam and managed to take some pics of everyone.

He wasn't very big, but he was all we could do.

A small view of our house covered in snow.

Before I knew it, Ms. Anne instigated a snowball fight.  The kids had a blast throwing them at each other.

But then the little rascals turned on me and tried to get me with the snow.

I tried to distract them by suggesting we move over between our houses where there was lots of deep snow for them to get into.  It seemed to work.

Man down!  Poor Liam kept falling over...he must have been top heavy or maybe it was his boots.

Someone did not like the snowball fight.

After the snowball to the face, Liam decided to venture off far away from the fun.

When all was said and done, we headed inside for some hot cocoa before naptime. 

I managed to take a few pics of our decor.  Here are our Christmas stockings made by Aunt Hazel. 
Our tree!

We had a great time in the snow and the kids absolutely loved it!  This is one of the first times we all got to enjoy it since both kids can move around by themselves in the snow.  Can't wait to see if we have many more snow days in store for us in the future.

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Karen said...

Can I just say I love Liam's cheeks! Sooo cute! Love y'all!