Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Random Wednesday Musings

1.  I came to the realization this morning that most mornings, my breakfast is made up of the remainders of my kiddos' breakfasts.  A half a piece of toast here.  An apple slice there.  A bite of leftover bacon.  I guess I am usually trying to take advantage of the time where both kids are strapped down and occupied to get things done that breakfast usually doesn't mean me sitting down to eat with them.  Maybe I should be better about that?

2.  Yesterday, Nora and I were "reading" library books together after she woke up from her nap.  I use quotes because Nora's reading involves her not actually reading words (obviously), but she very coherently creates a story from the pictures and it truly sounds like she is reading.  Anyway, she was reading a Berenstein Bears' book and used the word "property" in a sentence.  Correctly.

3.  I love cheese.  I know I have said this before, but it is so darn good.  I've already had three slices of cheddar this morning.

4.  I tried out my bread machine that my in-laws gave me for Christmas, and let me say:  SUCCESS!  The first loaf I made I forgot to take the bread kneading paddle out, so it was very misshapen.  Yesterday, I made another loaf and it's GORGEOUS and very yummy.

5.  Speaking of bread.  Jonathan wants me to make some sour dough, but I don't have a recipe for it in the booklet that came with my machine.  If you have one, please share.  He keeps asking!

6.  I really love my hubby! He makes me laugh and he is such a good Daddy!!! Not to mention that he couldn't be more excited that #3 is a girl!

7.  The Christmas decorations are still up.  Yesterday I thought I would was going to be motivated enough to get it all put away, but after breakfast I realized that most of the boxes that keep the Christmas stuff in them are in the attic still.  Then I rationalized that being pregnant and all that I probably shouldn't venture up there to lift heavy boxes all by myself.  Doesn't that seem like the husband's job? So, alas, we still have a tree up and glitter is everywhere.  It's not so bad though because I think Liam will be upset when the lights come down.  Every morning when he wakes up he asks me to turn on the tree and other lights.

8.  I'm getting my free spicy chicken biscuit from Chick-fil-a tomorrow.  If you haven't signed up for yours, do it.

9.  Coming up with a baby name is REALLY, REALLY hard.  We have two names that we really like, but we haven't finalized it yet.  I'll let you know when we do.

10.  I am really enjoying a worship album by a band named Sojourn.  Jonathan has had the album for about a year now, but I haven't ever listened to it until this week.  There are some awesome songs on there with incredible words that are both encouraging and challenging.  Check them out if you can!

Ok, that's all.  Many of these thoughts were rambling around in my crazy, pregnant, incoherent brain, so I figured I would get them out!  God is so good to us.


anne graves said...

Sojourn - love them. When we were in Indiana, we lived not too far away from the church in Louisville where they are based. I don't know all of their albums, but have a few favorites - "Lead Us Back" (such convicting words!) and "We Are Listening". Love them. Now that you mention them, I will have to go turn them on this morning. :)

How are you feeling - pregnancy-wise? So exciting that you have another little girl on the way! I could do the math myself, but when is your due date?

Hope that you all are good and enjoying the snow!


joy said...

i make sourdough weekly and sell it to our staff its a great way to make extra money here and there if i dont have any orders then i just give it to my nieghbors who LOVE IT...i have the starter an i am happy to share