Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Coming Up For Air

Well, in case you were wondering, we are all alive and well over here, but we've been in the midst of a few crazy, extremely busy weeks! Hard to believe that it's been over two weeks since I last blogged, but life has been nonstop this month, so much so that I hardly know where the month of February has gone.

So, what have we been up to?

Well, one of the most dominant things on our calendar has been a bridal shower that I have been planning for Jonathan's sister, Amy. As many of you know, Amy is going to get married in mid-April to Mr. Andrew Glass! We are so excited for them, and as the maid of honor, I had the privilege of throwing her a bridal shower along with the help of family and friends. The shower was this past Sunday, so for the past two weeks in particular, I have been running around town, on the phone, sending emails, picking up this and that all in preparation for the big day.

The shower was a blast and turned out so beautifully! Amy was surrounded by some of her closest friends and family, the food was divine and bountiful, and Amy and Andrew were blessed with some great wedding gifts to help start their lives together. I will post some pictures in a separate post. Also, I must mention that my amazing Momma drove up from New Orleans for the weekend to see the kiddos and to come to the shower. She was such a help to me over the weekend, as was my precious husband who took care of the kids a lot the past few days with joy and without complaining!

Now that the shower is over, we have only six more weeks till the wedding. I'm sure we'll have lots to do in the coming weeks to finish preparing for that, including finding some shoes for me and Nora (one of the flower girls), and a suit for Jonathan (a groomsman). I also have to get fitted for my bridesmaid dress, and to be honest, I have been having some anxiety about being able to fit my seven-month pregnant body into that thing! I hope I don't gain a ton of weight in the next six weeks!

Speaking of pregnancy, I am 25 weeks pregnant today! Hard to believe that we will be meeting our precious baby girl in about 15 more weeks. Once the wedding gets here, we'll have about 8 or 9 weeks to finish getting ready for her arrival. Can't wait! I have an appointment tomorrow along with my glucose test, so I'll update on Baby Girl's progress after that. Maybe I will even officially announce her name sometime soon.......

I posted previously that we have our house on the market. Well, that's been interesting....that's all I can say. We've only had one showing so far, but I have been trying to keep up with the housework since I never know when I will get a phone call that it's time for a showing appointment. We are praying that the Lord will provide a buyer for our home in his perfect timing, whether that's before the baby's arrival or after. We also trust that once we sell, he'll provide the perfect home for our family's needs! As a friend told me, "God sells houses. Not people." I hold on to that promise! I know that the Lord knows our "need" for more space and the desires for our future home to have a bit more space and the ability to one day host our Care Group in our home. I know that he has the buyers already in mind, and he has our home set aside for us, we just have to wait patiently as he ordains the days, the steps, the details.

Nora and Liam are doing so well and have been enjoying the touch of spring that we've been experiencing. We all love the random days where the weather is warm enough and the sun is shining so that we can go outside in the backyard or take a walk to the neighborhood playground. One thing I am really looking forward to is warm weather in the evenings. We love to go for walks in our neighborhood after dinner, but it hasn't been warm enough at that time of day for us to comfortably take the kids for walks, so I can't wait for that time when we can hit the pavement and enjoy the spring nights outside!

Nora is turning into such a sweet, big girl! Everyday she gets closer to four years old, and we can just see her maturing and changing. Liam is daily looking less like a baby and more like a boy. It's so crazy how much they change! We have seen them growing closer together in the past weeks. They are really enjoying each other's company and spend much of the day acting silly together, making up games together, running around the house with shrieks and giggles filling the air. I just love it, but ironically, it seems that as a thought fills my mind like, "Awwww, how sweet! They are playing so well together right now" they immediately begin fighting over a toy or Liam throws a sippy cup at Nora's nose or something along those lines. They are such gifts to each other from the Lord, and I pray that they will see each other that way! I know they will always argue, but I am so thankful to see growth in their friendship!

Jonathan is just our busy little worker bee! He is hustling and bustling with the dental practice, and we are just so blown away by how the Lord is blessing the practice. Guys, there is just no other explanation--God is BLESSING this practice. In this economy, it is a miracle that our business is growing. We are very aware that God is in control and is providing for our needs, and we are so grateful! Jonathan LOVES what he does and is truly enjoying working day in and out with his patients.

Well, I know this is a huge run-on sentence of what life has been like for us lately, but there's no other way to fill you in. I hope to post a bit more this week about the shower and the baby and any other craziness that comes out of me, but for now, I'm out! Going back under to walk out this crazy but amazing life of bringing up Bradshaws!

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