Friday, March 4, 2011

Praying For Baby Grace

Today, I am praying for Baby Grace Elizabeth Golden.  Grace is at this moment tucked safely away in her Momma's tummy, awaiting her delivery.  Grace is the daughter of one of my best friend's from college, Karen.  At twenty weeks gestation, Karen and her hubby Chad went in for an ultrasound to find out the gender of their baby only to find out that their precious baby girl was diagnosed with a very rare condition called occipital encephalocele.

Karen is scheduled for a c-section this morning in just over an hour to deliver Grace.  There are thousands of people praying for a miracle for this beautiful baby girl as the exact prognosis won't be defined until she is born.  Please join me in praying for Grace and Karen and Chad today and over the next several days and weeks.  Please pray for Karen and Chad as they rejoice over Grace's birth and celebrate her arrival.  Pray for Karen as she tries to recover extremely quickly from a c-section to guarantee as much time as possible with Grace.  Please pray for Chad and Karen as they make very important and significant decisions for Grace in the coming hours and days. 

Grace has already affected so many lives through her little life.  The way that Karen and Chad have been walking out the past twenty weeks has been a testimony of the love of God, the care of God, and the closeness of God during difficult times and trials. 

Please visit Karen's blog Gifts from Grace to learn more about Grace's condition and to follow along with their story.  I will try to keep you updated as I learn more.

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