Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sick Kiddos and Pregnancy Update: 34 Weeks

Wow, we've had a rough couple of days.  Our weekend was AMAZING, but just as we were going to bed on Sunday evening I discovered that Liam had a fever.  He had a bit of a rough night that night, but we had a full day planned so I decided to just wait it out to see how things progressed.  We spent the morning at home and Liam ended up taking a morning nap because he was so miserable.  When he woke up, we headed to Granna and Geegaw's because I had a dr. appt. yesterday afternoon.  We ate lunch, and I headed out to check on Stella Marie.

As of yesterday I was 33 weeks, 6 days.  We did an ultrasound and found out that Stella has been a VERY GOOD GIRL.  She is no longer breech! Praise the LORD!  She is head down, and the doctor said that she will most likely remain in that position since she is getting bigger and bigger and mores squished in my tummy.  I am so thankful that she flipped.  I know a c-section is not terrible, but I have enjoyed my past two deliveries and would love to have a similar experience, if possible.  Not to mention, c-sections are more expensive and from what I hear, more difficult to recover from.

Stella's heart rate was 134 beats per minute, and according to her measurements she currently weighs about 4 lbs., 13 oz.  She is in the 35th percentile for size, so Dr. Y said she will most likely be closer in size to what Nora was.  Nora was 6 lbs., 14 oz., and Liam was a sneeze away from 8 lbs. (7 lbs., 15 oz.).  It was great to see her again, and she definitely has the trademark nose, chubby cheeks, and big lips!  Can't WAIT to see that baby girl!  I go every week now for an appointment...isn't that crazy!? Time is flying!

After my appointment, my mother-in-law told me to go home and take a nap before going back to her house to pick my kids up.  (Isn't that so sweet!?)  I came home and took an hour and a half nap, and then I went to join up with kids.  In fact, Amy and Andrew joined us all for supper together which was a wonderful treat!

Anyway, back to the kids and sickness.  Liam's fever progressed as the evening went on, and Nora's cough (which she's had for a while) seemed to be picking up.  Last night, she coughed almost the entire night.  Seriously, I felt so bad for her because she coughed for hours straight.  Sometime in the wee hours of the morning she was able to konk out, and when she woke up she had a low grade fever.  Liam, on the other hand, was on fire!  I called the doctor and decided to have both of them looked at just to be safe.  We went this morning, and Liam had the beginnings of an infection and stuff in his lungs so he was placed on a prescription.  The doctor said Nora had no infection but was just having a seasonal cough--which is what I anticipated.  However, as the day went on, Nora's cough got worse and her fever escalated.  She coughed so much during her nap that she started spitting up and couldn't go to sleep.  She and I relaxed in my bed for about a hour, and by the time Jonathan got home her temperature was up to 101.

Needless to say, I don't really know what they've got, but I kind of suspect it may be some kind of virus or upper respiratory infection.  I hate when they get sick, but I am so thankful for them both.  Liam was so out of it at one point that he actually laid on the sofa for an entire episode of Little Einsteins.  I cannot tell you if that has ever happened before!  He does not sit still in front of the TV.  After a round of ibuprofen, they both started feeling a bit better, so we decided to put together Stella's crib.  Nora was SO excited that the room is finally starting to get set up for the both of them!  Once I get more stuff organized, I'll take some pictures of what the room looks like.  I SO have SO much to do in the next 5 weeks or so.  However, Operation Prepare for Stella is underway!

That's life in the Bradshaw house today!  We are praying for a better night tonight, and for a quick recovery and healing for my babies.  Also, I DESPERATELY need grace from God---minute by minute---to have energy, rest, patience, endurance, and joy to care for them.  Surely we know, sickness is not always fun or pretty.  But, God is faithful to provide a way for me!

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