Monday, June 27, 2011

Maybe So.

I just love this little girl.  I love her and her sweetness and her thoughtfulness.  And her silliness.  I also love the way she thinks about things sometimes.  Just recently, Nora discovered that Disney World is an actual place.  With castles and Disney characters and "real" princesses.  It is no longer the Disney Store at the mall.  (Seriously, up until a few months ago, she was convinced THAT was Disney World.  I wasn't about to bust THAT bubble).

Anyway, this morning the kids were watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse before breakfast and Nora tells Liam:

"Liam, maybe one day when you are 8, and I am 8, and Stella is 3, and Momma is 11 and Daddy is 12.  Maybe then we can go to Disney World."

She is so cute! I just thought her little thinking process was too adorable to not record.  I hope we can take her when she's 8 (if not before). 

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