Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Instagram Update

It's definitely been a while since I dumped the pictures off of my cell phone onto the computer. Looking back now, there were so many cute ones of the kids from weeks back that I wanted to share. Here's what's been going on with us the past few weeks as told through the lens of my phone camera:

What's better for breakfast than Cocoa Puffs? Not only are they healhty (ahem, yeah right!), but your milk turns into chocolate milk! One of Nora's favorite special treats for breakfast.

Jonathan and I went on a date last week to Bravo where I got this delicious spicy shrimp pasta.  Divine!
Someone is now big enough and has enough head control to sit in the Bumbo seat!  Where did my little newborn go?

I know this is blurry, but with moving toddlers and babies all over the place, it was impossible for me to capture a good shot.  We met our very close friends, The Webbs, for dinner last week at Cracker Barrel.  Dalyn and Jonathan were residents together and we became super close.  Then they had to move to NC for a few years, but we hope they are able to move closer back to Knoxville within the next year.  We love the Webbs!  Dalyn, Jessica, Finley and Landry!
Many a morning, Liam is the first kiddo up, so he and I will snuggle on the couch watching Mickey Mouse.  I love my snuggle time with my sweet boy.
Liam and Nora can't help but love Stella.  They love to "play" with her on her playmat.  Such sweetness!
Yesterday, we ended up on a spontaneous nature walk at a park near Campbell Station.  We met JB's parents for lunch and then had some time to kill, so we thought we'd venture out to the park.  The kids had a blast!  Here's Nora dancing with a statue of a bear.
Here's Liam taking a break during our hike to sit on a stump.  Liam had so much fun collecting acorns.  His pockets were jammed with all of the "goodies" he found along the way.  Then, he got to throw them off of a bridge into a creek.  Every.boy's.dream.
Look at this smile!  While Nora and Liam nap, I get some sweet one-on-one time with Stella.  We play and snuggle and get in some tummy time.  I love having just a few quiet moments with just her.  I don't know if it is possible for me to love this baby girl any more.   Anyway, I can get a great smile out of her, but she has yet to laugh out loud! 
Our family weakness: Sonic.  We go there at least once a week.  Grape slushies and Cherry Coke slushies are my current addiction.
We've also been enjoying the more fall-like weather.  We have spent many evenings on the Greenway walking/jogging with the kids in the stroller.  They love to ride and then get to play at the playground when we are done.
Can't believe this girl is four years old!

Watching the rain....we've definitely had some rainfall in the past few weeks.

Speaking of rain....a few weeks ago now, we had some MAJOR rain.  It was Labor Day, now that I think of it.  Jonathan's office building had some considerable damage from the rain and water was coming in pretty heavily over his operatories.  Here's a terrible picture of what it looked like once they got some tarps put up to try and protect his equipment.  Thankfully, he is now able to work in all of his operatories, but there are still some things that need to be taken care of.  Stressful week that was!
Going back a ways now.  My mom came in town for Nora's birthday party.  Here she is holding Stella Bella after cooking us a delicious fried shrimp dinner.  She's the best cook!
The kids are really into coloring and markering these days.  Here they are showing off some of their artwork.
There are no words for this boy!  Here he is wearing Stella's hairband.  Silly boy!

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