Thursday, September 15, 2011

Signs of Growing Up

Liam is growing up so much.  His vocabulary and language skills keep improving, and it is so fun to have conversations and hear him say fun things.  At the same time, it's a little sad!  Things that he would say that were so "baby-ish" are now turning into full, complete sentences with correct pronunciations and inflections.  It's a sign that our little man is growing up!  Here are some things he is saying:

For the longest time, when Liam wanted to be held he would lift his arms up and say, "Shood you."  That was his way of saying, "Hold me."  "Shood you" eventually transformed into "Shood you me."  "Shood you me, Momma," was something I heard countless times a day.  Not too long ago, my mother-in-law said to me, "My heart broke today."  Why? I asked.  "Well," she said, "Liam walked up to me in the kitchen just a few minutes ago and looked up at me and said, 'Hold me, Granna.'"

It wasn't "Shood you" or "Shood you me."  It was "Hold me, Granna."
Some precious things he says these days that are special to me:

-"I fix bresis"  (breakfast)
-"I play with your phone for a second?"
-"Good Mawnin', Stella!"
-"That a little one."  (In reference to spankings.  He likes to tell us when they don't hurt him, silly boy!)
-"Sing 'Deep'"  (He loves to sing "O, the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus")
-"What you talking about, Willis?"
-"I do it."
-"Pway with me."  (Play with me)
-"I wanna show you sumpin."
-"I show you a cool trick."

This boy blows us away with all that he says....I could spend all day thinking of something funny or silly or surprising that he says.  He is growing up so fast!  Liam loves to get a reaction and a laugh, so many times he will say something that will cause us to laugh and even though he has no idea what he is saying, he'll start repeating it because he gathers that we thought it was funny. 

Having a boy has definitely been a learning experience as he is totally different in many ways from Nora, but there is such a sweetness and tenderness in Liam that is just priceless.  For example, the other day Nora had her first soccer practice/scrimmage.  Liam, Stella and I watched on the sidelines while Nora played and JB coached.  After her practice, the first thing Liam said to Nora as he put his arms around her was, "How was your practice, Nora?"  He did that all on his own!  He is such a sweetheart! 

So, there's a snapshot of Liam and his expanding vocabulary.  I will try to be better about recording more of what this crazy, silly boy is up to these days.  For they surely are going by so quickly!

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