Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nora's Ballet Performance

Last week was the last official ballet class of the year!  We had ballet class yesterday, but the girls watched a Ballerina movie and ate cookies.  Then we joined all of the other Co-op kids for a big Christmas party.  It was so fun.  Anyway, last week at her last lesson of the year, the 3-4 year old ballet students had their parents (and grandparents) come and watch their class, which ended with a little performance.  It was adorable! Oh, and to make things even better, the girls got to dress up as princesses for their class time.  Nora was Rapunzel!

Doing their stretches.

Granna and Geegaw came to watch Nora dance.

Nora with her class and her wonderful teacher Miss Christen.  Also, forgive Nora's hair.  She had it all fixed in a pony tail with barrettes, but between all of the dancing and the fact that her hair is so fine, it had fallen.  One thing's for sure though.....this girl LOVES to dance and LOVES ballet!

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