Monday, January 30, 2012

'Round Here

'Round here, things look a lot like Spring, although we are technically in the dead of winter.

'Round here, warm days means we rush outside as soon as the temperature warms up enough for us to stand it.

'Round here, we do have runny noses. But, it's winter so what else can we expect.

'Round here, we have a baby girl who is turning eight months in just a few days.

'Round here, this baby girl has stolen our hearts with her sweetness, her contented demeanor, and her big smile.

'Round here, this baby girl is growing up way too fast.

'Round here, we have a certain young man who is less toddler and more boy.

'Round here, this young boy has a vocabulary that surprises me daily and a brain that brings up the funniest and most complex things.

'Round here, we love Toy Story and Cars because that's what the boy loves.

'Round here, we find ourselves in stitches over the things he says and does.

'Round here, this boy loves both of his sisters.  The big one because she's his best friend and playmate and accomplice.  The little one because she lets him kiss her as much as he wants and she smiles at him every chance she gets.

'Round here, we have a girl maturing and growing like all kids do.  However, it's really hard for her Momma and Daddy to see her changing so much.  So fast.

'Round here, this girl is such a helper and a sweetheart. 

'Round here, this girl is in love with her Daddy. 

'Round here, it seems like in a short blink she'll be starting school and spreading her wings a bit more than I'll admit I want her to.

'Round here, she still likes to be held occasionally and tickled so hard it hurts.

'Round here, she will always be my Sassafras.  Sweet and sassy and one of a kind.

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