Saturday, March 10, 2012

Because I Did....

Liam is so funny.  I just love the way that he says things and phrases things.  He's totally coming out of his shell in his speech and is getting better at telling stories and communicating more.  In some ways, though, he is just a man.  He's just blunt.  There are no fluffy words, no frill, no thrill.  He just says what he means.  The other thing that adds to the funniness of his talking is that he still has this deep, monotone way about talking. 

One of my favorite things he says lately goes a little something like this:

Me:  Liam, did you hit your sister?
Liam:  Yeah.  (deep voice)
Me:  Why did you do that, son?
Liam:  (slight pause)  I did because I did.

Me: Liam, why did you disobey?
Liam:  I disobeyed because I did.

Me:  Liam, did you take your sister's monkey and intentionally throw in the water to make her upset?
Liam:   (Deep, gruff voice)  Yeah.
Me:  Why, buddy?
Liam:  Because I did.

I just love this kid.  The little rascal.

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