Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Personal Space

Yesterday, I was talking with some girlfriends while waiting for Nora's ballet class to finish up.  A dear friend commented that my littlest two kiddos are quite the cuddlers.  They surely are!  It's not that Nora's not cuddly, but she definitely likes her space and is more independent than Liam is.  (It's hard to say right now with Stella, but she sure is a sweet thing). 

My friend commented, "Nora just likes her personal space."

My response was that Liam doesn't seem to understand a need for personal space.  Poor Stella gets the brunt of it most days, but my little man is just a lover!  He kisses that baby for way too long, and I'm sure Stella feels smothered.  But, he can't help himself!  I love my boy. 

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