Thursday, July 12, 2012

These are the days

Sorry I haven't posted lately, but we have been having Internet issues here the past few weeks.  I'm not sure what "they" did but things seems to be working more smoothly so we can check email and watch Netflix!  Anyway, our summer is just breezing by and I am so enjoying our time with family and friends and even some new friends!

In just a few weeks our lives are about to change a good bit as Nora begins Kindergarten and Liam starts preschool.  I am trying to cherish every single second with them this summer because I know that we will be spending more time apart as they are in school and that is going to be a big adjustment for me.

Nora is going to be doing a co-op at Cedar Springs Presbyterian here in Knoxville.  Basically she will be in school three days a week and then will be homeschooled the other two days a week.  We thought and prayed long and hard over our options of schooling Nora and Jonathan and I are both really excited about this year.  Nora is thrilled about starting Kindergarten, and I know she will love the classroom setting.  I am excited for her to experience that, and I am also looking forward to some individual time with her on the days where we'll be doing homeschool here.  I am working at organizing a school space at home, and I've even hit up The School Box where I picked up some fun classroom posters and decor to make it all the more special.  The mothers involved in the co-op we are doing are very helpful and have a great little community together.  They have set up playdates all throughout the summer so that the students in Nora's class can get together and get to know each other prior to school beginning.  We have only been able to make it to one due to schedule conflicts, but I've enjoyed getting to know the other mothers and look forward to utilizing their knowledge and growing in friendship with them.

Liam will be going to preschool this year for the first time.  I think it will be really good for him to have a bit of structure a few days a week, but I know I will miss my time with him as well.  I am trying to prepare him as much as possible so we talk about "school" often and try to discuss what he'll be doing there.  I do, however, expect him to have a hard time at first.  He is quite attached so I know he may have a difficult adjustment, but I know the Lord will see us through!

Stella will be spending some more one on one time with Momma while the other two are in school, and I anticipate that precious time with her.  She's changing so much each day and is growing so quickly.  I am trying to cherish every little fun thing, and even the difficult things I am trying to appreciate.  For example, Stella has recently been bitten by the Mommy-itis bug!  The separation anxiety has started to rear it's head.  Honestly, sometimes my arms get tired from holding my little bundle or I may find it hard to cook dinner without scorching her or myself whilst trying to hold her and multitask.  But, there is that still small voice in my mind reminding me how fleeting these moments with her are.  These days are numbered.  I've seen it happen twice already.  I know how quickly they grow up and how they go from wanting to be held all the time to not stopping still long enough for me to catch them in an embrace.  I keep trying to cling to that thought.  I pick up that baby girl sitting at my feet with her arms outstretched.  I kiss those cheeks and squeeze her tight, even if in my selfishness there's something else I feel may be more important in that moment.

These are the days of my life.  They are busy this summer, but we are having so much fun.  I am really enjoying the day to day, the heat, the play, the routine, the lack of routine.  I am enjoying the late mornings, having Liam sleep in my bed if he wakes up too early, reading books before naptime.  I know there's a lot of change around the corner so I want to make sure I eat up every moment with them that I can and savor THIS season.  THIS summer.  I'm so thankful for my three loves!

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