Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I am: Liam.

Here is Liam's version of the "I Am Poem."  As you can tell, he was not taking me seriously at all.  Silly boy!

I am a Buzz Lightyear
I wonder that I can ride my bike somewhere at a gas station.
I hear a clambulance.
I see a Buzz Lightyear.
I want a doll.
I am a bad man.

I pretend I'm a Buzz Lightyear.
I feel happy.
I touch playgrounds.
I worry about monsters.
I cry because I get in trouble.
I am a Willie Wonka.

I understand that I'm Spiderman.
I say "diarrhea of a wimpy kind."
I dream about you and a fan.
I try to do the best.
I hope I can go to "Old McDonald's."
I am a Lego builder.

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