Monday, September 10, 2012


Have you ever seen these videos by Louie Giglio!?

Louie is a pastor and founded the Passion ministry that is so well-known.  Jonathan and I saw him live while living in Baton Rouge during his "Indescribable" tour with Chris Tomlin.  These videos are what we heard him speak on and they were mind-blowing.  If you want to be amazed by God's greatness and hugeness and power, do yourself and your heart a favor and listen to these.  There are five total.  I am only going to include the first one so that I am not an obnoxious poster, but once you watch the first you can access the other four in sequence.  And, believe me, they are so intriguing that you'll watch all five with no effort.

I bring these up because our Care Group is reading a book together and during our discussion on Friday night we were talking about God's majesty and holiness, and somehow this message was brought up.  It's amazing how great our God is!

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Anonymous said...

Do you remember his sermon on Isaiah from New Attitude??? It affected me like no other sermon has! I can't wait to watch these!